Remember when i disbanded manic?!

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hahah wowee!!
First time back in about 8 years just reminiscing this really was the best world ever.

Read the history books and was lucky enough to grab two mentions in MANICS history!

grimjaaw was the first who when CARN was on the way down I was sitting his account silently sniping dozens of trains at such an early stage in the game this lead to my account Acrokid1 getting the invite to MANIC

I'm only 20 now so mind you I was 12 or 13 years old when this was all taking place but can still remember it all so vividly, I made my way into leadership of MANIC (somehow) maybe they felt sorry for me haha.
I disbanded the tribe hoping to enhance the chances of my new co-play who most of you attacking fiends would remember in dublin.

I'm back on world 80 but I don't think anything could be as exciting as my time spent here haha! hopefully someone can get back to me so we can reminisce!
Not open for further replies.