Remembering Ads121

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It is with great sadness that I must write that I have been made aware that Ads121 (Adam) has passed away this year. Although he did not play this world he was important for the TW community in the worlds he did play and I'm trying to spread the word to as many old players as possible. For those of us who did have the honor of playing with him on w59,69 and elsewhere he was more than just a good player who was selfless but he was also a very good friend. I would actually list him as one of my very best TW friends. From us talking about Liverpool FC to him putting up with me still being immature all those years ago where I couldn't stand things not being done my way.

It was a pleasure knowing you Ads, RIP.

-Angels Fury/=Bit Cloud=


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I’m very sorry to hear about ads. W59 and W69 both. Outstanding tribemate and person in general. Always patient with those of us who were younger. Nothing but good memories of the man. Rest easy.

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Lot of respect for ads on worlds we shared. My thoughts are with his family along with so many others who have passed on in recent months.