Why did these rep points become a thing? It doesn't make much sense. I can't even see who keeps sending them to me and I've noticed everyone has the same status. Everyone I've checked is "on a distinguished road". How long as this been around? :icon_redface:


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There are 17 people on these forums who have reached the second level of reputation points. There are two who have reached the level of points necessary to display two bars under their username. Apparently it's not quite the same. You can find a list of members sorted by most reputation received here.

I've found that reputation is a nice way to add comments on whether a post was useful or pointless, without derailing the discussion. After it's around for some more time, it may become a useful method of figuring out who is a respected poster, as well. I mean, if you look at the list of members sorted by reputation, many of the top reputation people are generally well-respected - except for me of course :icon_razz:

I miss the mind boggling rep system no one understood.
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Michael Corleone.

I enjoyed it immensely. Seeing people get upset over being red repped was always a favorite of mine.
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