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Congrats to @Night or whoever on their success of winning the world. However this 'world' seemed like rather a doddle to some of you veterans. My question to those that are reading this is who if you are up for joining a real world and ready for a traditional non huggy merge fight.

My proposition fo those who wish to acknowledge it is for you to look back a world at 74 and test your might there. World war is yet to reach its peak and we have the perfect oppurtunity for those of you who want to fight with some real action.

We we have a couple of accounts up for new ownership whilst a vast majority of players are on the search for co players. If you're interested in some good old fashioned tribal wars fighting Skype me @Mattyb451 and we can get down to business



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Nah bro. You coming here showing shortage of respect to a non pay to win world and then try to recruit players to a pay to win world.

I was on 74 for a couple of months earning nearly 60k premiumpoints. Thats says a bit of the real world of 74.

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^ nothing is good and old fashioned about pay 2 win advantages. Here we fought every day of the world pretty much, no boosts and no bullshit.


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At this stage of the world P2W features contribute jack all realistically. Okay the majority of players on top got the lead thanks to early stage game play however it counts for nothing now. Success still plays down to skill and activity regardless of which features you have on the world. It's not as if there's P2W features that snipe dodge nuke noble and recap for you.


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Well you can decrease build time on your walls and farms drastically to rebuild between nukes and after capping a village is imo huuuge.