Hello w81!

I am Sam, 25 years young and want to make a return to Tribal Wars! I have ample experience but I am no start-up plyer which why I am more interested in coplaying than starting w82 on my own. I dont want to join an old account as it's too slow but I would enjoy helping a relatively new account establish its good self.

I am from UK but work shifts in a factory so my times differ but mainly 18:00St to 00:00 helping out on app during other hours.

If you are interested then mail me here and I will add you on Skype. I only use my personal Skype so wont be psting it here....if I still had my TW one I wouldnt be whoring myself here! :icon_wink::icon_wink::icon_wink:

Experience will be provided on Skype and ability wise, I consider myself above average. I am sure all this will be asked anyway. Mainly player but dabbled on here.

Oh and I only want 1 world so if your account is on 2 worlds, I dont want to play both and wont. I like to actually invest, not be a glorified farmer. :)



We're looking for a uk / european player. =) We play on W81, but I will have to clarify with the original owner of the account.

Add me on skype, and we'll talk!
Username: toadette420