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Well guys, I've been very lenient lately because personally I think it's been very good for the forum's health. There are a lot more posts in here lately than there had been in the not so distant past. However, I notice things are getting a little out of hand lately so I wanted to reiterate on a few key points that will net you an infraction.

1) Discussion of in game bans/moderation - This came up more times than I would've liked in the JG/LIFE thread, and it seemed to resurface after a while. Talking about people getting banned often develops into talks about how the actual moderation is conducted, which is strictly against forum rules. As such, mentioning of in game bans or even implying that bans are being used as a sort of war tactic, will net you an infract on the spot. In game mods do their job, the other side isn't pulling strings with mods to get you banned in the first place. If someone is banned, they broke a rule, simple as that.

2) Spamming - I've always been very lenient with spam, but I'm going to have to start cracking down on this a bit more as some threads get utterly derailed in a matter of moments.

  • One word posts/Posts of purely emotes. These are none contributive to the thread and frankly don't stipulate anything.
  • Completely Off Topic Posts. Off topic is okay to a certain extent, but if you're posting things completely unrelated expect an infract.
  • Spam in response to spam will be treated just the same as the original spammer.

3) Language - People of all ages use these forums. Avoid using profane words. There are always better ways to attack your forum opposition than simple dirty words. Astericking out words or part of words still falls under use of profanity. Just don't do it.

4) Personal Insults - Needless to say, insulting someone in a direct and offensive manner will not be tolerated. Lighthearted things like calling each other 'n00b's will be overlooked, but if you bring real life into an arguement, it's stepping over the line.

The general forum rules can be seen here.

Other than that, let's keep the PnP going guys. Enjoy the wars :)
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