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In the interest of livening things up on these forums, in ways other than flame wars, I give you this declaration of war. Enjoy!
Lords and Ladies,

Old and Young,

Noobs and Veterans,

Warriors and Farmers,

Militia and Spearmen:

I bid ye gather round the hearth of my village headquarters, that I may tell ye the sad story of how REVO came to declare war on F BOMB and TPF.

For those of ye unfamiliar with the atlas of our Realm, the lands occupied by the hardworking villagers of REVO lie to the deep south. To the west are the warriors of the twin tribes FSQUAD and ISQUAD, surely a powerful and formidable pair of adversaries. Long have they attempted to push into our lands – though they have been distracted by the war they wage to the north, I think – but we have held our own against their intrusions. To the East lies a group of peoples once known by many different names, though they have now allied under two banners: FBOMB and TPF.

The leader of TPF, one YossiYossi, used to call himself a squirrel – indeed, he called himself our ally! But when he supported our enemies in a dastardly, underhanded move against us, he was cast out from among his sciuridae brethren. Before too long, he formed his own tribe and called it The Peaceful Farmers: a sly, deceptive name to lull his neighbors into a false sense of security, leaving them unprepared for his strikes against them.

Indeed, it was because of this name that I, Lord Hizzle, fighting as one of many under the glorious name of lllllllllll, convinced my comrades to take strategic barbarian villages close to this YossiYossi, sure that he was an honest Lord, that the name of his tribe conveyed the true nature of his goals; peace, and growth through farming. Surely he would let us grow in peace, that all would prosper.

Oh, how wrong was I on that fateful day.

However it wasn’t until we had grown these villages through hard work and dedication, bringing the barbarian savages to the light of the Revolution, teaching them our inspired ways, that the scheming Yossi and his devious allies made their play for power.

Out of nowhere, attacks! Nobles incoming on several of our newly cultivated villages, without a word of warning! No communication, just a horde of bloodthirsty warriors intent on pillaging and conquering our lands. To our amazement, the nearby tribe of FBOMB joined in the assault, heartlessly leading their soldiers and siege weapons to our unsuspecting walls, bloodlust raging in their eyes.

But fear not, for the tribe of REVO is strong, and we operate as one; we do not fear, and we do not shrink from battle. Time and time again, Yossi and the treacherous fiends who conspired to steal our lands came against our walls in thunderous battle, and each time they were met by valiant soldiers, swords, spears and bows in hand; defenders, sent from all over the realm. Each time they were unsuccessful in convincing the villages to betray their Lords, and many nobles were slaughtered that day.

In the days to come, more attacks followed – but each time, they were accompanied by less soldiers, planned with less coordination. Indeed, as time went on they became weak, and eventually, pathetic. It was obvious this Yossi was simply throwing whatever he had at us, hoping something would land successfully.

In contrast, the defenders grew more confident. Noble after noble met with the sword! Each time these ignominious attacks were turned back, our soldiers grew in confidence and righteous anger. They swore on the graves of their dead compatriots that they would take revenge, that they would sweep their enemies before them as chaff before the wind, and that all who acted against them would suffer the dire consequences of marching against us with murder in their hearts.

And so it begins, friends – a war the likes of which have never been seen in this region of the world, in which our foe shall surely fall, in which we shall strike with a furious, heretofore unheard of frenzy against these enemies who so maliciously came against us without warning.

To Battle!
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Nice read, good luck to both sides, hope the war turns out to be a fun one