RKN-the second most powerful family...

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It's not like it hasn't been done before.

RKN were told on the forums to noble into K00 (before RKN had a tribe up there) and they told them to move into K50 (before it was under RKN control, which is why you have random RKN tribes there)... so it's not like it is unheard of, obviously not the preferred strategy.

The longer they leave it the worse its going to get...


Yeah, this thread can definitely be locked. The person who started it is no longer in this tribe. o_O

Andrew Done

LOL! When we start moving into K53 (not long now) we'll give you a call ;-)


I agree that posting on the forums is absurd to look for recruits, but before every major war -MM- fights in you recruit the top few players of that tribe so recruiting is quite valuable.

No. We rim and lower the tribe by 5-10 ranks, then take the peoeple who defended well.


RKN is good but manely becuz they fite commy and quoir now.

Andrew Dong caint relly be nothin more then poiwnt hore becuz he abowt spelin and grammer not fitein.


That is one of the funniest things I've read on these forums in a long long time.

I always wanted to ask this....C;ick dont get mad at me, but.... Woodlandapple, are you ClickPanic, it seems stupid, but he has so much skill that its hard to just not think about.