~S.L~ have spies in M.O.TW


~S.L~ have spies in M.O.TW on W18. I found out the day after they were sent. It is sometimes easy to find ~S.L~ spies anyway.

Read the convo and tell me what you think.

Hi. said:
hogarth01 today at 12:08
Hi Brg i know we have not yet got an allied relation nor we know eachother as of yet but i have heard LOTS of your members have left to join [ally]M.O.TW[/ally]. We as a tribe do not like them etheir. I could get some spies in that tribe in there if you want. If you already have spies could you notify me of who they are? So i can tell them the buisness?

hogarth01 today at 12:12
Brg? I could share you the info i have received all i want to know is who is who so i can tell you my spies and stuff of the sort.

hogarth01 today at 12:15
No mate it's fine. :)

I pulled mine out.

BrgThePain today at 12:16
Well im No Noob man Sorry but plz Dont Insaulte me with this Canny Offer. I know All about you and [ally]M.O.TW[/ally] of the facted that you have an alliance with them. So You can do as you wish but I have no reason to Grant you my Spy List or An alliance as of yet....

Not until i can see some changes.

We have so many players still to this day msg us asking for invites so have the player count is o Issue.

So plz tell me why all of a sudden you get an interest with my Family?

I think it is b/c Player [player]Your Dead..[/player] Has just learned that i have indeed many Spies with in and is trying many different ways to flush them out...

hogarth01 today at 12:17
You have spies in DoS? How many exactly?

BrgThePain today at 12:20
Now what would the Point of that be huh?

I did not say i did and i did not say i didn't im just saying that my people keep me well informed of what is going on that is all...

BrgThePain today at 12:21
Any Good leader would never give up his Spies what is the point?

hogarth01 today at 12:21
Haha ryaniscool would never spy for you. I know exactly who your spies are. My friend notified me anyway.

I suggest you don't bring back your ~S.L~ members for a couple of months. If you do you yourself wiill hae spies in ~S.L~

BrgThePain today at 12:25
WoW You are Such a Little Blofer....

Im the only one that knows, B/c this player is Bery close to me and no one not even my co-duke Know's

So for what you think you know, You are Truly and Totally Clueless heheheh

hogarth01 today at 12:29
I know half of your spies anyway. :)

Good luck in trying to survive.

BrgThePain today at 12:32
Nice empty Threats Im Not Worried at all hahahahahah

hogarth01 today at 12:33
Me neither. :)

Good luck. :)

You'll need it if your tribe is half sim-city.

BrgThePain today at 12:34
What ever is that means heheh

hogarth01 today at 12:36
Your spy Co-Duke has been terminated. :)

Congratulations for sending firefox as a spy but failed.

Wow how rubbish are you at covering up spy work? This will be posted all on the TW forums.


Good thing M.E.A has no spies in other tribes



We dont have any spies in other tribes, how dare you accuse me of lying



~S.L~ have spies in M.O.TW on W18. I found out the day after they were sent. It is sometimes easy to find ~S.L~ spies anyway.

Read the convo and tell me what you think.

i hate sl leader lolol he wil pay


me too hackthis! cyber high five!

Brgthepain is a ******* and i do not like him. and thats rubbish. MOTW have spies in ~S.L~ if you must know... :p


id rather you didnt refer to me that way...

of course all tribes have spies, i was saying that we have spies in SL not we are the only tribe that has spies.

pleb :p


How dare you call us pleb's Huntor! Ok Sorry kiddin.

Spies suck anyway. It shows a dirty playing of the game.


Indeed spys do suck and yes they are annoying. Its all part of the game though.


One thing. How could spies be part of a game?

I bet there was not even a word called spy in the medieval times anyway.


Hey sebco lol i hope SW is going well for you.

So there must of been alot of spies back then?


There always has been spies i think, and their always will be..

And SW3? Going good.. Although my W2 account is being account sat at the moment.