I just wanted to say, I read jr's thread on the 'Empire expanding to the rim'. And really, I see no need for people to critisize ~*S*~
We put up a good fight, a very good fight, I like to think, and I think some others would agree, even some in DVADER.
This effort by us was obviously recognised, as all active members were recruited by /afk, and the bigger guys, LG4600, GD the GifteD and Unknown-Soldier were recruited, so we obviously proved our worth.

Now, here is a confession, lol.
I was picked up by ~*S*~ as a 20k player, under Phil2995. I was suffering from the TRI vs DVADER war, caught in the middle, whilst in PLX.
Oh, and just a note, Stasis didn't get 'hammered' we merged into PLX, THEN got hammered ;)

As I was saying, ~*S*~ picked me up, in January, and gifted me Theah93. An account under heavy fire from DVADER, never less than 300 incomings for over a month. These guys taught me to snipe, and how to defend, properly. Without them, I don't think the frontline with DVADER would have been held for so long.

You can't say Shahyd was that bad, really, he is one of the most dedicated, and persistent individual I have EVER met. He never backed down, and gave his best, and always expected best. I look up to him as a leader, I think he did extremely well for running a tribe on his first world.

~*S*~ didn't get steam rolled, in my opinion. It took Lucas Hope and April1988 (with dougy8, TW2141 and stormbrow also involved almost 2 months to get Theah93 out of the way. A fight well done I thought. Unknown-Soldier also put a very respectable fight in K61, constantly trying to get DVADER out of there.

These guys, especially Shahyd, did extremely well, and I am very proud to have been a member of his tribe ~*S*~. We defended against DVADER longer than other tribes have managed to. Which is a very good achievement, especially since they were over 4 times what we were.

And now, my rant comes to an end :lol: But I am honoured to have played with Shahyd, GD, LG and Unknown. These people are the very best I have worked with, and I look forward to working more with them. Even if Shahyd is taking a holiday from W36.

Ok, Rant over. :)


And after all that, The question still stands...... Who cares, I mean really.... Who.


To be honest.

I dont know.

Just stating what I thought, it's a forum after all