Same situation different world

Michael Corleone.

Speaking of same situation different world, Incoming Impact what happened?


Is that supposed to make al look bad? If anything it makes them look like they made the right decision tbh
Yeah, most tribes don't want you talking to your tribemates, just shut up and listen to the omniscient dukes mate. It'll all be fine if you just sit down and shut up.

There's obviously more to the decision than him talking to people, don't act like you can defend either side with this chatlog alone.
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Have you not read anything he's said. It's fairly self explanatory really.
Drowngod? I don't ever recall a post from him, certainly nothing to inspire such universal hatred :eek: I only noticed 'cos someone in the 'questions' thread asked how soon it'd be before he was nobled, and now here's a thread about it. I'm out of the loop as usual, but it sounds like there must be a backstory there.