**EDIT** I just realized I spelled the name of the thread SATA instead of SAGA, please forgive me as its 1am and I have already been excessively confused (Please see below for an explanation of my confusion)

So I'm confused everyone... It's 1am and I get this message from a player named greenbud.

Greenbud said:

So, my question to you is... who,what,where, and why is an Amish guy on the internet?

Also, A message to the player that made Saga's tribe profile. Don't lie, people will notice and call your bluff.
Tribes destroyed








-maybee ur next?
As an ex member of =West= I can say for a fact that Escape effectively scattered the tribe in 3 days by rumoring that they were going to go to war against us before Christmas break.
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Amish guy on the internet :O He must be looking up beer :D