Sayonara--A word used by Japanese meaning 'goodbye'.

I'd like to say Sayonara to all of my friends, past and present, in W43. I was very fortunate to lead a great group of players people for the duration of W43.

Nuts was defeated by FRST, and I have to congratulate the winners. More importantly, though, I wanted to congratulate the members of Nuts who put in time and effort against FRST. To everyone who did SOMETHING in the war, thank you. To everyone who STAYED in Nuts until the very end, thank you. To the rest, thank you for teaching others what the world and TW is capable of.

Furthermore, I have to apologize for my last couple of months in leadership. I wish I could have been more active, more successful, and more encouraging for everyone. I wish I had 25 hours in the day, instead of 24. I wish I could have inspired you better. It may have offered Nuts the chance to win a very uphill battle, before it was such a steep climb. And I may have been able to make FRST sweat a little, or at least have a little more fun. :icon_twisted:

I also need to commend the various Dukes in FRST and Roudle, of the improved Ni. Your job is tough...much more so than waking up at 2:00 AM to send a timed attack (not that timed attacks are easy). Your accounts will suffer, and you will lose troops and sleep. The biggest difficulty I had found was that I couldn't take a break. If you can, do so, regardless of what is happening. I got burned out, and now that I am at this point, all I can do is watch.

A few personal thanks:
Ollie/Cookie-being my co wasn't an easy task. I'm quite glad that you and I have been working together for as long as we have, and I no longer mind that you think my wife is hot.
Roudle-for taking in Nuts and being an ally since the beginning
Kokheng-for being an impressive rival, and then an even more impressive ally
Mageknights/Desmond-for inspiring most of the world to try to catch up with you, and for always working hard against FRST
Defendernick-for really stepping up and helping out with things that I couldn't handle. You will be a great leader someday with a little more experience. I will have you in my tribe any day
The Jacal/Mike-You have been my friend and northern ally forever. In 43, you were my right hand, and for that, I thank you. You are a great person, and a skilled player
B Pasta/Ace-I have a bottle of Makers Mark with our names on it when you get down to New Orleans
Be Mice Elf Again-you were an enigma. Without you, I wouldn't have been as successful as a leader in the early stages
Crispy (and Mark)-you guys turned out to be beasts when we needed you the most. You skill is immense
Trblwarguy-for being a great neighbor and keeping my village count honest
SonofSaints-Who DAT!
Col/Juayfai/DiKY/JJ/Vpkozel/Glimras-Thank you for all of your hard work and your contributions

Chocobears-all of you, for honoring our long time agreement of being good neighbors
Harby-for providing great reading through the duration of W43. Glad you're back
Duhrigs-for providing great comedic fodder for your lack of writing skills and your incredibly biased posts
TDB/Tribb-for being monsters of the Midway
DHK-for defending and attacking until you felt Nuts was lost

TL;DR-Thank you to everyone for such a great time and for helping me learn and adapt for next time. Back to W5 I go!

p.s. I will still be out there, lurking.

p.p.s Is there any point to a post-post script? I'm pretty sure the only people that do it are a$$holes. :icon_biggrin:


wait, you're quitting? i was gonna be your co player :(

seriously though, i feel your pain. i was on the cb account for about 3 months, and burned out bad. we're pretty lucky we had 3 awesome players on it, and that tribb is such an active beast. with out that we could have been in your same boat


This is a great loss for W43, good luck in W5. Drew you've been a great guy and leader, unfortunately we had some too many problems at ones.


I love you slingo! Now good luck would be the next generic thing to say here but I have no idea what I am wishing you good luck for.


A bit of a backwards compliment if i do say so myself. :icon_redface: I try to be unbiased, but when the war is as one sided as it was and people on the other side continually turn down, or in your case don't even respond, to interview requests it becomes difficult.

Sad to see you go, your axes were always at home and willing to show mine a good time.


Damn you mate. First i lost my friend/co Desmond, then mage account for AZ cause i had real life/internet problems and now you :swordsman: But we will fight in furure on same side. :axemen: Lets talk in skype when u can.



I wasn't expecting this. Sad to see Nuts fall for FRST though, also sad to see you go, though it's not like I play w43 anymore.