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I only have one request though...What happens on 15 stays on 15 no crossovers to the new worlds...It's just better that way as some of old AXE and current AXE are playing that way on W46.

When we all took our little adventure over to W42 we left w15 on w15..we had plenty of AXE, TSoH and Evil in the same tribe, and Evil and AXE were still at war then


as my saying goes, what happens on one world stays on 1world, i played in tribes on one world with someone im rimming/catting on another =)

defently bond, ill send you a message in a min with the info =)


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ive joined K45

anyone else joined yet

and heavy since ur quitting who takes over with making the tribe and leading and so on :icon_cry:


If you join w47/48 soonish me and Aaron may join yous if thats okay.