Sci fi artist wanted!


Recently my housemate and I decided to start working on our own computer game. We decided it should be an RPG/Space Fighter, my housemate works for a prominent animation company and has an educational background in making games and animations, I come from story writing background and together we've come up with solid idea's.

I have already drafted an intro and story board and my housemate has begun basic controls and space animation.

We are thinking to start out small on like an Ipad/pod application level with very basic controls, story and ship upgrade/leveling system, so at first their likely won't be much, if any money in it. We're more doing it for the kicks.

But what we really lack is the detail.

So, without further time wasting, I am hearby looking for anyone who would be interested in collaborating on an small space fighter game, who can supply me with concept art, ship designs, space stations, planets, laser weapons, etc etc.

I can't promise any payment, but if you are a student, or aspiring animator, any work of you supply for us to use will earn you full credit on the game, allow you to say you are a game designer and give you something to add to your port folio.

Doesn't have to be a TW player, if anyone who reads this has a friend or contact who is interested in getting their work out there, this might just be what they have been looking for.

PM me either here or in game for more details ;)