Searching for (a Coplayer to) Love!

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As thread title suggests, looking for a teammate(s?) for my account on the rim.

8ST-16ST is the important/desired window. My night sitters are amazing (<3 to you) but would like to relieve their burden.
16-23ST is also helpful, would allow some overlap/redundancy to ensure continuous farming/coverage given the fact we are all adults and have schedules

1 Village, have academy, about to go on a nobling spree. Just set up customized bookmark farming, farmed 300k from what was launched between 0st and when I went to bed last night... account could easily be pulling 600-800k daily with steadier coverage.

I am happy to train anyone, I do not require you to be an 'uber-pro', just have a desire to learn new techniques. Don't be afraid to have a chat with me about this even if you consider yourself a newer/poorer player.

PM me ingame

Ps: Disclaimer - I am not Rob, I am the other half of the CD team. He sadly has retired.
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