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hello we are 3 players from Sweden that are looking for an account, we are active,good and experienced played that want some WAR!;)

we have player together for almost 6 years now so we know what to do, we don't just leave when we get incs and stuff like that we are fighting untill we die :)

(if the tribe doesen't quit and no one but we are playing, then it's not rly any point...)

we have been playing on several worlds on .se, and some in .net

one of our . net worlds is W.2, Account Pizz
but we leaved there beacuse we diden't had enought time, now we got time and we are ready to fight.

if you got anymore questions, or if you are intrested in giving us an account?

contact me on skype: Isaksson-95
and then we talk things and terms through



That would explain why the pizz account was so inactive until the Brazilian got a hold of it. Nice try though :icon_wink: