searching for an account (don't have to be this world)

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Dennis Isaksson
[2/2/2013 4:49:07 PM] Dennis Isaksson: Hello my name is Dennis and me and my friend wants to fight a little ;)

we are searching for a account on a world that is pretty even.
we don't wanna come in to a world and then see that the tribe we are in have lost or won completly already ^^

we are both experienced Tw players, we have been playing for about 6 years i think? (have lost count)
we know everything about sniping and tajming and so on....

we have been a part in many big Tw wars and have always going + untill we have won or our tribe got total destroyd and deleted ^^

we don't give up if we having a hard time, we are helping tribe members if they need it and expect the same help back if we should need it sometime.

most of our time we have spend on swedish servers,
i have played in about 50% of the worlds in total ^^

and my friend has a pretty god record aswell :)

but we want to try out the english servers and se if u ar better fighters ;)

contact me on skype if any of you are instrested: Isaksson-95 is my skype name.

//Padox and Fille cs