Searching for an account


Hello there,

i am currently searching for an account to play on this world, for what tribe dosen't rly matter, i just want somewhere to fight! :D

i got a lot of experience, have played this game for about 7-8 years (i think, lost count)
i dosen't want to go into the specifics right now but i will if you send me a message on skype (Isaksson-95)

but i can tell you that i have played about 25 worlds and been part of the last world ending war in all of these, not always on the winning side beacuse i like to be on the underdogs side.

have always been the ''player in the tribe that drags the rest behind him towards victory'' even if that hasen't always been the case i always do my best and i never give up :)

if this sounds like something you need in your tribe, mby as a co or mby on an own account add me on skype and let's talk things through

hope to hear from some of you soon :)

i have played most on .se servers
but i won w75 with @night (account name you will get on skype)