Sell your Soul W45 going cheap!!


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LOL. One was a good tribe as was CATS as was all the others that merged into Omen to make it the winning tribe. Makes me think of soapies. LOL where the divorced fathers marry the daughters of the exwives. Just amazing how the plodders turned out to be the only ones still playing. Maybe they didnt realise the game was over when One folded. The guys in Omen that came from ONE did not merge. They were forced into surrender because the good fighters in One had left. Merging is losing. Your tribe was.... and is no more = loss.

LOL .. bitter much , why start to come trolling as the world is about to close after being silent all this time .... :icon_rolleyes:
Couldn't make it to the end of the world so you'll troll to the end of it instead ?