SETO vs. DNS war


Originally Posted by June 6, 2008 MooMix
After careful deliberation, the council has decided that the recent actions by ~DNS~ should not go unanswered. They have been a constant drain on our forces and are not performing to their expected ability. Based on the circumstances, the council believes declaring on ~DNS~ will only further enhance our warring performance.

May the best DNS win!,

Ha! I don't even remember that. :lol:

Great post, Ippe.


Wow awesome post Ippy !

I knew there was a lot of this but never figured it was that much.

Kinda funny you guys never got to get us down ...

Those nicknames in your post Ippy, they brought in so many memories. Too bad I dont have all the threats and the "funny" stuff the other tribe leaders had shared with me ... looking at them and todays world map it would be just... MasterCard worty :)

Anyway, you noobs put in some fight but was way too little for us :)

One thing to add, all the victories were sweet but the sweetest was against RAW. At least for me personally.


Damn , i can't believe there are still active wars in world 9 :O.... RAW ftw , lol :p Congratz to DNS for winning this world :)


Hooray! I am finally gone from World 9! I can get my life back.

Congrats DNS.

Anthony Fokker

Well, I'm not dead....yet.

But I did enjoy wolf373's HC support while it lasted.


haha nice Ippe
whats up landy

btw guys if you wanna play again, you can join me (us) in w67
whether you wanna co-play or take over an account

theres alot of us there now
my self, smokefield, dan, pavle, ouidy, jedi, valth just to name a few

if interested skype me: shapalootka_tw
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