Shortfuse declares on Death

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Daddy fuse approaches, his death star is built and ready for action.
tenor - 2019-04-03T222458.667.gif
Whatever strategy they've used up to now has failed and shortfuse will return the favor in kind and show them the error of their ways:
tenor - 2019-04-03T214536.865.gif

All death can do now is:
tenor - 2019-04-03T220719.560.gif
But Ironically death will be their only escape from the might of shortfuse
tenor - 2019-04-03T222146.710.gif

Their reign is over and a new era begins, one where echo need not involve themselves and just let shortfuse take out the trash.
tenor - 2019-04-03T223450.234.gif

Stay tuned for further updates
That is all

Ps, it might be a short war since SF is basically a God playing amongst mortals so please cheer for death they need the confidence boost.


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First you joke about other's grammar
No I joked about how he pathetically failed at talking shit by not even putting a correct sentence together .

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No the guy joked bout his grandmother, I just made a logical inference .

think you're about to be hit by the ban hammer mate.
Oh damn . What do I do :eek:
95% people don't care about the forum account .

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