Sick of unorganized tribes?


refugee : one that flees ; especially : a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution

This, for the millionth time, is not about the war; this is about organization


Finally, a real tribe.

I can tell you guys will be great one day... when you take over the world, I would like an invite to your glorious tribe.

mega jet

You're hoping to leech inactives out of an already dead acadamy?

Or do you actually think that PTT will take you seriously?

Either way, there's a big disappointment coming your way, symbolized by axes and rams.


why revive this for a moan ?

Because no one listens to you in the other threads ?


Wtf are you doing here? I can't even fathom why you'd bother posting in w7.


Hey, as long the account still exists I have some legitimacy. I pop in and cut PTT noble trains here and there every so often.


i know we could sing "love is in the air" but tbh im to lazy :D

and dbag i can say the same to you seeing as your a quitter :D so bugger off mate :p damn hypercrit


Opalelement I want you to think of who the leaders were of Meklar and then think on my name. You were inactive yellow or red a good bit of the time you were in Meklar now how would I know this? Meklar didn't merge into PTT only some of it's members went to PTT most went to KBR and others went elsewhere. You used to be decent size for a tribe like Meklar and were based in k's far away from the rest of the tribe.

Now as to you you being a refugee. You aren't one yet but if you leave *I*-R you will be one since your tribe is in a war with PTT. Even if it is to form your own tribe.

The fact that you don't know who I am from the former Meklar speaks volumes on your activeness in the game and in the tribes you are in.

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