Skill? vs. Anarky\-BK-

The Resurrection

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i was in Anarcy before, and Anarcy dnt hav any allies.but the same enemys like ther <Naps
BK and Rage are only NAPs also SnM was only NAP.

but ther was an tribe with an academy 3dx and 3dxtc was the name.

skill and TSL are allies not academy.

i will start an new world i dnt care this one anymore.
ask hotpockets if ur intrested were iam.

ps dnt need to lie here in forum if tribes working to gether against ther enemys its fine

why TSL and Skill were hitting me also from all sides, also 1 TSB Gye...

to 1vs1 the david mention on me was maybe a l... but cimm told me already u gyes are not able to fight like this.
Have fun on a new world :) i find it funny after you started getting nobled, you leave anarky, and are demoted into RAGE, lol


Firey has openely admitted that rage is anarky academy here in forums. He also admitted that he has duke privilledges in -BK- and lots of accounts there. Check my signature .... They are his academies /meat shield so just try not to make comments unless you read a bit these forums :) .
Ok, so he has supposedly done so according to dmoron's post - not fireys - but if they were acadamies as firey has gone from anarky things may change syl... (now who's not looking) who knows what the new duke will do in regards to each other?

As for admitting he has duke privlidges - are you accusing him of multi account, cause last i saw, he said he SAT them occasionally... different to having duke privs constantly which is what your applying there...

Ressurection. Never accused Skill of being an Academy of TSL or vice versa, merely said that -BK- and Rage imo are not academys of Anarky. just because a tribe shares diplomatic relations, does not mean that they are academies.... i was meerely stating that because anarky share a NAP with rage and -bk- doesnt mean they're an academy

As for your presumption that we wish to war both TSL & Skill? at the same time - where is the evidence of this that you seem to know all about?

The Resurrection

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Im not going to look through the whole forum, but be honest, Firey has said multiple times that Rage is Anarkys acad.. He has also said that he has duke privs in BK via sits. Ive said this many times, its basically a family tribe on a world with no member limit, you all should just merge together, but you wont cause god forbid the stats look that bad. I would be embarrassed to be part of that tribe, or rage, and even more so with BK. BK will fall, Rage will fall, and Anarky will disband after skill? starts nobling people out... We have already saw evidence of that with leo van rip, as he is now in Rage after getting demoted cause Skill has basically rimmed that junk account.


So many guesses and all incorrect. You should not guess so much. Too many in a row and you end up in fantasy land.


Instead of talking about pants, squirrels, or wifes let's discuss matters relevant to this war.

In other words BACK ON TOPIC!!!!


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red i think we have a declaration in another thread... all the talks can be held there... you can close it...