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  1. I go away for a couple days and what do I get? Mass slacking that spans tribe wide.


    Not a single point increase in the entire tribe Saturday!


    but wait a sec? We captured 244 villages the other day. :icon_eek:

    When did Drama! learn such a magnificent magic trick? Especially naruto (or maybe more truthfully munc), who is apparently a grand master with a total 107 captures for the day yet not a single point gain. That's impressive, you must really teach me how to do that. :icon_biggrin:
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  2. narutocrazy

    narutocrazy Guest

    It's simple really, first you need some unicorn tears, a daedra hearts and the most important ingredient my awesomeness. Then you mix them all together with some coffee and pour it on the tw server and va la, you conquer 107 vills without a single point increase. Or if you have a spare munc sitting around it makes everything a whole lot easier, he'll just hack into the tw server and do it for you.

    I hope this guide has helped you, if you have any more doubts please mail me in-game or on skype.
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  3. Rednecks

    Rednecks Guest

    It is a conspiracy! :lol:
  4. ArmyOfLoners

    ArmyOfLoners Guest

    I think you left out the double full moon. :icon_wink:
  5. alphabonkers

    alphabonkers Guest

    Let's file a petition. :icon_eek:
  6. You better figure out how to reverse it now cause it happened for a second day in a row :icon_biggrin:
  7. muncius

    muncius Guest

    It's easy, you need 1 Naruto to be active enough to store coins for 134 five noble-man trains & 1 Rake to prepare target for all those trains & 1 me to launch trains :icon_redface:

    oh and the most important thing is while launching trains you must be standing on your left foot, keep scratching head with your right arm and hold your lips in away that their form would look like an 'O' and just launch 134 trains, if you do everything correctly you need to send a video tape to morthy as a proof and he will make it look like you didn't gained a single point, not sure if prize is worth the effort, but heck you gotta try everything in your life :icon_razz:

    It is way easier to get unicorn tears than one spare me :icon_razz: /true story
  8. licca

    licca Guest


    like that 'O' ?
  9. narutocrazy

    narutocrazy Guest

    That 'O' is too oval, need it more Oish :p
  10. licca

    licca Guest

    that us captured from the top. that is why its isnt in full 360 ( i mean the mouth) but check the eyeballs, they are perfect (✿◠‿◠)