Small Elite - K63, K64, K73, K74


Ever see one of those top ranked, powerful tribes with half the number of members as the rest but twice the power?

Well, now is your chance to get in on one of those tribes! Take a look at our ranking. At the time of this writing, we are already ranked 15th on our K with only 5 members. Just imagine when we have 80! - X - is a strong tribe and we're looking for very good, very active, very aggressive players to join up who want to dominate. We will initially be a small tribe, as we value quality over quantity.

Recruitment is limited and very selective and each member will have plenty of room to expand. The tribe is very well organized, very well run, and comprised only of elite players. Though, we will consider a few select newer players if they are eager to learn and very active.

We already have several very solid players and with you, we will have an extremely strong core of players in this area.

Are you interested? Mail bettaboys and let's talk about some more details.

Have a nice day,
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