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Hello! I have a question on smithy unit upgrades

I struggle to understand which units that upgrades affect

does it (say village A contains the smithy upgrades):
1) affect the troops stationed in village A (this could include support units from other villages)
2) affect the troops stationed in village A but only for the troops produced in village A
3) affect the troops originated from village A (so if village A sends support to village B, the support from village A will get the smith ugprades)

I'm thinking it is 1 but I'm not too sure.


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Thanks for asking - I think this is a question that a lot of players get confused about.

Tech levels affect all units in the village when defending. Tech levels do not affect units outside the village, unless they are attacking.

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I think I find the smithy a great tool indeed. It helps a lot with the upgrading of new units etc. I have played this game bf when it was a whole lot more active with my friend a long time ago and now I play it solo myself. Decided to make an account in the year of 2020. LOL. My friend moved to Florida with his family and I still have no friends. LMFAO. Joking. I do not have an issue with my emotions of course. I do not care about having friends. But back on topic, I love the smithy, I remember I used to watch my friend have everything upgraded to the max. and it was great. He even had the resources going to the speed of light. LOL.