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Will right now I’m working on a snipe script but I’m having a problem doing the math when you add for the supported village (sigil of distance)

sigil is 20% but when you do the math its not actually 20%faster

Let’s Do the math together .

2 fields distance with Ram it’s 1 hour (60Min)
When you add 20% sigil it’s will be 50 minutes
So 10 minutes less But that is not actually 20% , 20% of 60 minutes actually will be 12 minutes so that’s supposed to be 48 minutes not 50 minutes , can anyone explain why and is there a math for it to calculate the time , and also is every thing different like 20 sigil is not the same math as 30% sigil and also haw about the tripe friendship Add-on it’s have from 1% until 10% faster , can anyone explain the math or give me a link where I can find the answer.


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You are confusing 'time to get there' with walking speed.
That a car drives 20% faster, doesn't mean that it will also arrive 20% faster.

effects_time_factor = 1 / effects_speed_factor
effects_time_factor = 1 /1.2 = 0.83
Walk time = base time x effects time factor
So, walking time without any bonusses = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds
With bonuses = 3600 x 0.83 = 2988 seconds = 49.8 minutes = rounded up to your 50 minutes.

I hope this helps, if not I'll be happy to hear from you.