so how are all my DNS buddies doing


W9 was the good ol' days. Emperorpilaf had slightly less points and was the leader of All4-1. Good times. :)

I remember this. It was TW start. Well, it was a blast too. Miss the world terribly


New worlds are getting old. Top1 on 4 of them now, this was by far the most competitive world. Slogging through incomings and worlds they just give up, here they atleast try for a while, some longer than others.

Congrats to those that have continued. Pville is occasionally around, I played with him a bit on the later worlds. Hell, had Patrick (OTD), Jose (KoT) and Laz and some others (about a dozen of us) playing w40 for quite a while.


I would have to agree with you on that part about new worlds just quitting. They just don't see the point of the game. Unlike those of us who went through the wars here on W9, or co-playing w3 with a friend is the same way.

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Hallo old faces!

and ... Congratulations DNS!
I am proud of you and ...still miss the game and i miss all of you

Lord Axilles

Pville here from DNS. Hope all is well! Hit me up on skype, bhthomas1987


Hey! Shout out to all you former W9'ers. Hope you are all doing well :)
I find myself in w74 now. Its breezy compared to this world.

Once again Congrats to DNS and everyone else on the world for making it the most competitive i've experienced, from the forums to the defending/sending of attacks.

I dont know if anything(account) will come up on w74, but if anyone is interested send me a PM so I can keep you in mind.

Keep well people :)


I started playing world 94.......My tribe is #1. No more leadership positions for me again ever. Too time consuming. I did a little baron work then About to go 2 for 2! I may play world 100 then retire. When i played w9 i had friends backing me up so I was definitely going to be a force to reckon with. This time i wanted to do it on my own. Hope everyone is well. I got older and talk less crap now too. :)
If I win three worlds in a I up for GOAT status? lmao
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Definitely true about the new worlds being way less competitive. World 9 was a dream by comparison.

I started in w74 some time ago, just for a bit. By sheer coincidence, I was a neighbour to Erill (DN), who had also been my neighbour all those years ago in K30 on this world. Such a pleasant surprise