So how did all of this happen ?


Just visited TW site today after a really long time and was surprised to see W18 being ended.

I played this world at the start and left after 4-6 months..Is there anyone here who played the world from start to end ?
I checked the winner list and could recall only Zain being there from start.

So how did all this turn out ? Last I was here Legion was on top and MM was looking good to be the next number 1.. Can someone summarize the history for poor old folks like me :))


MM was number one for quite some time. LEGION was taken down, GoC was taken down, and MM took themselves down at the end.

MM went to war with UA, but a lot of MM's top players were gone before the war, but the massive UA eventually won.

A really bad summary, but it will have to do. :) Just look through threads on this page and a couple on the pages before, all the history are in those threads.