Somehow still a regret


Somehow I still regret not having been able to return to w9, or having to go away.

Loved this world, many good times, even if they were stressful it always made me come back for more.
Loved setting things up, planning, executing things, mindfucking the enemy, etc.

Of any game I've since played, no matter the visuals or whatnot, this game still holds its spot in the top 3, whether it's the people I knew here, or the voice in my head saying "we MUST progress, kill, crush, destroy".

To anyone that played world 9, thanks for the amazing gameplay.
Now, many years after I stopped, it still makes me smile when thinking of those days..

Jay 42

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Around once a year something makes me pop onto twstats and relive old times. Way too many good memories!