Someone Should Know, The NEW BH


sorry, Cy and everyone. it is also true that, for a thread they started, BH dont talk much in it. will move it over without trying to boil it any more with those smart guys.


Not that it isn't mildly amusing, entertaining, or enlightening (wait, no, it isn't), but I would like to remind everyone of the original post in this thread:

While I know that Phoenx and BD (and to a much lesser extent, RAM and THE) members like to post their squabbles in whatever thread they happen to be reading at the time, this is really starting to do a disservice to the forum itself. When I looked just now on TWStats, it told me there were 4,729 players in 489 tribes playing World 30 - not everyone can be that interested in a pissing match between two (or four) tribes.

Please, I ask again - keep it on topic, leave the personal insults to your internal forums (or PM them to whomever in game, even), and let's have fun here.

It's getting a bit ridiculous.
Its good to keep onto topic if everyone promises to keep on posting on the forums. I don't see many posts when there are no flamings. I only think that when there is flaming people starts to make PnP more interesting by counter flaming. :p Anyways, congrats BH. The new BH looks very promising to catch up in ennoblement. Today too, they are ranked 2 in daily ennoblement. Cheers bro! looks like there is gonna be a promising tribe waiting for us in the far North once BD and THE are dealt with. BTW, BD are competing with DRIFT. Cheers guys!!