Squad, NME War


exactly thats what we did

we sent supports... supports... supports and also sent nukes far away, and managed to clear it. Also sent packet supports couple hours after and we should have had that village but noobish tribemates couldn't time their nobles right. Well thought we could trust our 10k pointr war general when he said he would take care of the rest. Not sure why we were at war with squad, kind of was forced to join squad.

oh well they can send nukes 30 hours away if they want


i agree with firebirds...
the war general couldnt organise much only sending out circular mail once a day with little plans and no proper responce to the attacks the closer players were recieveing...
enemy deserved to get victory as they seemed to be organised with decent attack plans ;-)


All I had to do was stack my village with a few troops poke the players around me forcing them to attack and left those around me wide open for attack was easy really agree with the last post there was no organisation at all really and no real fight yea I got maybe 10 f,Akers from the whole tribe apart from that there was no real fight or organised attacks lack of leadership skills maybe