Start up Hq vs smith


Hi guys this a very simple question as I had a slight "argument" with my co-player for world 85

Anyway, from my perspective there are two major potential handicaps for an account:

1-It's resources
2-It's the time that it takes to build stuff

Well, as we all know in the very beginning what is really pulling back our account are the resources.

So onto the question, with that ^^ in mind, when rushing stable in a resource deficit (meaning we cant sustain cosntant queues) isnt it better to build smith to lv5 first? Vs Upgrading Hq to lv10 right away.



Eh, it's not the sort of thing worth arguing about.

Assuming resources are a restriction:

To start with let me say, your resource income is not constant it's variable with increases when farm runs return. This is important to understand.

You can actually gain time (on stable requirements) by building the smithy first, in fact. e.g. You have a choice between hq and smithy, say, and the build times are 15 mins and 30 mins (not actual numbers but I cba to check). You have have enough resources from farming arriving in 25 mins to queue whichever you didn't queue previously. Queuing the hq leads to 10 mins of dead queue to build 1.05 times faster, so smithy now takes 28.5 mins. Building HQ first slowed you down. (15 + 10 + 28.5 > 30 + 15). If that isn't smithy level 5 and hq 10, you'd probably lose the time gained waiting for next levels, but the point is simple: hq first doesn't always save time.

You can also lose time doing smithy first, again that depends on farm return times etc.

Anyway, enough of the random explanation of stuff and to give you an actual answer. It's negligible enough that considering you need to spend the same amount of resources, and your income can be assumed to be the same, any time lost/gained is just going to be absorbed into the wait for resources for LC, so you'll get LC at the same point. (Unless you suddenly get enough resources to queue them, but that seems fairly unlikely if you were struggling for hq/smithy levels).​

Making the wrong choice might slow you down slightly to scouts, but that really depends on when hauls arrive home, and again it will be fairly negligible.​

Assuming they are not:
HQ obviously. (And yeah there are situations where resources are not restricting you)

All in all, it doesn't really matter. Much more important things to concern yourself with than this.
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To add onto what Twenty-Five said but with fewer words. If resources are an issue chances are no matter what you upgrade first you will be waiting for resources to upgrade whatever next. By the time you get the resources whatever you were building will be finished. Therefor the time you save by upgrading the HQ first really isn't going to effect how quick you get LC because with the lack of resources you will have a hard time keeping the HQ constantly building stuff. Without the HQ constantly building stuff the speed in which it gets built really won't effect much. If you are farming enough to keep the HQ constantly building something then that changes everything. Would probably be more effective to upgrade HQ first.
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