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from looking at twstats.

1 - mirroke and arthas are giving bones a run for his money. occassionally taking the odd pizz village too.
2 - channaka and dr560 doing sweet FA
3 - Ratius getting his arse kicked by deus so runs to DF so he doesnt lose villages rann tags along
4 - krishak is on the warpath.
5 - im the coolest on w2. :p

long story short. people get asses kicked run to DF. DF winning war overall.

was i pretty close? :icon_smile:

p.s we dont smell like dog poo. we smell like roses grimmy :p

What I did again? :icon_rolleyes:


Well, duh - hardly a big deal, as nobody in their right mind would want to join EG.

I stopped playing this game a few years ago, and completely sucked at it, and I would never join them, no matter how shitty of a player I was! :lol:


we took in players we thought could help us...the door is now closed so you dont know what your talking about....again. your tribe is still bigger so we still have alot to noble...see ya in the field :)

closed? you mean I cant invite mikeys?