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we will soon be opening our tribe up to recruit new players. please contact me or prakel in game IF you're in either k56,57,65, 75 or a k real close by there. Our current members have all been tribe leaders on other worlds.

Stardust Dragonryder
Riders in the Sky
tribe id: RIDERS
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Don't come near K55, we've got enough tribes here already.K55 will have the most wars since we have great tribes that all want this continent. Warning for your tribes survival don't invade K55.


Thanks for the warning, hun. But my tribe isn't in k55. We're in ks 56, 57, 65, 66, 67, 75 and 85. And unless we get some more players who have just joined this world specifically to join our tribe, those will probably be the only ks we will be in....for awhile anyway :lol:

However, let me just say that we ARE actively recruiting in those ks, as well as our allies, so, to anyone looking for a tribe in those ks: if you're looking for a military-styled tribe of TEAM PLAYERS, please contact myself or one of my K Leaders listed below in-game. We are especially looking for VETERAN PLAYERS who know how this game can be played successfully, although we will take active players willing to learn the game.

We have a vision with a plan for our tribe and allies which we firmly believe we can accomplish, despite the proliferation of larger tribes near and around us. We are a fairly tight-knit group and all our Council members currently are veterans of many worlds of tribalwars. We may hug our tribemates, but not our opponents, for we are fully aware that this game is called TRIBALWARS not TRIBALHUGS.

If that style of tribe is not for you, our allies will be more than happy to have us refer you to them.

Stardust Dragonryder
Duke of RIDERS

Those whom to contact IN GAME:

Desis harmony - New Members Coordinator
phamouseph (pronounced Famous F) - Chief Diplomat
NightRambler - Co-duke
Stardust Dragonryder - Sr. Duke

We are specifically looking for:
Chief Recruiter
k recruiters and k diplomats
k leaders in ks 65, 56, 57
k new members coordinators
Academy leaders
and people who are willing and able to do SOMETHING for the TRIBE, not just for themselves.
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IG name? I don't care about that.

Btw, I am posting this to notify of message editting--I've added our contact list and help wanted section lol