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Hello guys, I bring to you the Support Manager v1.1.

It is a desktop tool to help you on providing reports of needed support in villages. You will register a village in the application and inform how much support of each defensive unit you expect it to receive, and also inform how much, if any, it already received. After that you can already make reports with a click and post them on the guild forum (or anywhere). The information will be saved and you can update the received support to generate an updated report, and can also change the expected support values.

Add villages:
You have two screens to add villages. One detailed and one simplified (you won't even need the mouse to add many villages). In the detailed one you can edit and use the 5 models to speed up the creation of multiple villages.

You can use the preferences menu to custom the generated reports to best fit your needs. I will post bellow prints of the generated reports. Note that what is generated and copied to your clipboard, so you can paste anywhere, is the code to generate the content of the print, in the game forum.

Report formatting (does not apply to table reports, only to village reports):
Only text: plain text, without any formatting;
Table with icons: table with icons instead of unit names:
Table without icons: table with each unit's name;
Formatting with icons: applies some formatting and uses icons instead of unit's name;
Formatting without icons: applies some formatting but uses unit's name instead of it's icon.

Highlight incomplete: Units of the village that have received less support than the expected will have the unit's value in red collor;
Show only pending value: If selected, will be presented only the needed amount of that unit to reach the expected support. If not selected, will be shown received/expected values;

Import and export data:
You can now import and export data of this application. It is usefull for backup or to send updated data of the guild villages to another responsible for monitoring the supports. He will just import your exported data and will be in the same point as you.

Language selection:
In the preferences menu, you have the option to change the language of the application, between Portuguese (BR) and English (US).

It can be download at:
You need to have Java installed to run it:

Please let me know how was your experience.
v1.1 (27/05/2020):
  • Added language selection: Portuguese (BR) and English (US);
  • Import and export data;
  • New additional and simplified screen to add village;
  • Population count.
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Updated to v1.1 (27/05/2020)


  • Added language selection: Portuguese (BR) and English (US);
  • Import and export data;
  • New additional and simplified screen to add village;
  • Population count.


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Very good support for who is in charge of defending the whole tribe.
My suggestions are:
Put the "complete" button, to complete the troops without completing the troops fields.
It would be fun if with the BB codes, you can add multiples villages at once.
for exemple:
And it would appear in the table the four villages at once!
I really enjoyed this app! Very good!