SWAG and SWAGA are backstabbing point whores.

Discussion in 'World 33' started by Mongrel Mob, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Its so true there, cheap nobles, so why take the risk.... if you look at my stats, i must ave nobled myself 20 times!! but i never miss out on loosing a village because of the loyalty.
    Its worth it for me. especially if it is medium to long range.
  2. aylus

    aylus Guest

    If you don't want to noble yourself, you can always make a larger escort with your 4th noble and minimal escort with the 5th.

    Apologies for getting sidetracked...
  3. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest

    I think this topic is done, unless Swag can respond here with anything fun, or new.
  4. acornrxs

    acornrxs Guest

    That is one nice thing about w33
  5. Skulltaker94

    Skulltaker94 Guest

    I'm not even important in SWAG, but I say, LOL:icon_razz:

    I can't say differently:icon_redface:

    Mongrel Mob: It's a game! If you really want to, just restart and try to get revenge. I'm getting absolutely destroyed on W20, but I'm still having fun.
  6. Lambera

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    This was all a mix up and it wouldn't have ended this way if you wouldn't have continued to send me rude emails.

    You were in my area, that is the luck of the draw and how the game works. I didn't want you there so I began to remove you. My choice to draw it out as I did was based on two reasons.

    At first you contacted me and told me you had been talking about joining. I was asked to stop also by my tribe. After talks had finished and the leaders of the tribe made there choice, which had NOTHING to do with me, I went back to my business in the game.

    Not once did I attack you while that sat your account, nor was I ever given any information.

    I already had reports on you and knew everything you had.

    Then you continued to harass me via in game mail, all of which I ignored. Never once was I rude to or did anything outside of how the game is ment to be played.

    Personally I think you are an idiot for allowing someone to sit your account AFTER that tribe has attacked you multiple times. SHAME ON YOU.

    I don't blame your tribe for kicking you out. You have no loyalty, something that seems to be a common quality among your ex tribe mates, which are currently suffering the same fate by my hand.

    I like how you call us point whores, just because you cant manage to be successful in this game. We are far from point whores and we are a tribes with massive amounts of planning and very strong and open communication. Geeeee I wonder what tribe it was that recently knocked a very large tribe out of first place.

    Because of your rude behaviour in game, I have contiuned to launch attacks at your new little muddle. If your immutraty is because you truely are a child in real life I suggest you learn to keep your mouth shut.

    Hows it feel to lose all your hard work and kicked out of your own tribe?

    And if we changed something, as you are claiming, how come you havent been restored to your tribe, you dirty trader?

    Caught with your pants down and owned for it PRICELESS.

    Swag Out.

  7. Skulltaker94

    Skulltaker94 Guest

    I think the winner of this dispute is clear... :icon_twisted: