Teenage Influence?


Hm, never noticed this topic.

I'm under 16 as WW knows... for less than two months, though.

Meh, I really don't think it matters. While a large percentage of teenage players are idiots, so are many older players. I think teenagers even tend to be perhaps more active and involved in the game. We have an advantage over older players in that school takes up less time than most jobs, and while a lot of older TW players can play TW at work, a lot of teenage TW players can play TW at school too (most private schools require laptops and have internet, although the admin at my school has effectively locked down our whole network so I have to get on another network to play). Of course I probably also play TW a lot more than I should... don't think I've done any homework at home for months...

I was reading the beginning of the thread and someone said that teenagers tend to be more impulsive and likely to throw troops at a stacked village... I don't agree with that at all. I don't think anyone I know is really that stupid, and something like that is even less likely to happen online, where you have time to think about anything you do before you actually do it.

Of course every group has its bad eggs. Paybacktimeisnow is/was 16. ;).

God I must be a legend in these forums or something :icon_rolleyes:, I dont even play this world anymore (only play W25 now) and my name still pops up all over the place, maybe its because gang and WW can sleep at night without thinking or typing my name down. :icon_redface:.