Terminus Vestrum


I finally settled on a name.
I am looking to create a tribe for active players. I will accept some inexperienced players but you need to be willing to be trained.

Name: Terminus Vestrum (Latin for: The End of you "So I am told")
Location: South West

The goal is to become a community that works together and expands through peace and war. I believe having power accomplishes both of those goals. To get that power every members needs to do their part. I'm sick and tired of seeing untrained players play thinking they know how to play. There is a difference between attacking with spear and axe, etc.
If anyone joins that doesn't know this then they need to be properly trained.
This is where the community comes in. We need to share with each other what is going on. We need to help each other when we can.
Communication is also a key, and if there isn't any then the tribe is doomed. This is why the forums need to be utilized. I am almost willing to say that if there is a member that doesn't even communicate with the tribe, then why are they part of the tribe? All they do is add points, and that doesn't matter in time of war.

Create a community not just a tribe
Have communication
Learn and grow (everyone always has room to learn and grow)
expand the tribe through necessary means

My experience: I played beta back in the day. I also played W1-3. I then was in college and had to hang TW up for a bit until my senior year when I started W8. I was in Fear until I went to Japan for 2 months and all heck broke loose. I am now starting to get back into the game.


We are looking to get going. If anyone wants to speak to me message me in game. We are looking to fill vital roles for the tribe.