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Following concretes lead i thought it be nice to have a thread where peps could thank those they wish to say something to. I also think it would be a good gesture to show our mods in game and here a little apreciation too if you care to also.

Would just like to say a thank you to all the admins/mods who have been involved in w18 over the last (almost) 3 years with out your time and dedication heaven knows what would have or could have happened in 18 :)

Also thanks to all my Dukes both past and present, with out all your hard work and efforts this world would have been very dif place.
Rek, Red, Soco, i know u guys the most and it was great being part of your team
D dukes i wasnt in your tribe very long but thank you.
Thanks to the F dukes/ leadership team,(spech alf, jp, cheeseco and pool) again i dont know most of you that well, but then ive spent most of my time in F dorm or sat.
Thanks to MM dukes as well the few days i was in MM still hold a special place in my heart, sorry things didnt work out for you guys. In my book you deserved to win this world, i said it then and i stand by it now.(INF included in that though i wasnt in your tribe)

All those peps ive faught along side id like to thank also for making the game more fun :)
spech everyone that was in the einherjar subgroup.

peps i most miss in game are rek1, AA and King Canna miss you guys (in order of leaving the game) The world was a much duller place when each of you left.

Over the course of the last almost 3 years ive met many people and made many friends, way to many to list here, thank you all too :)

my only real challenge in this world was in k9 and against xgocx :) those that took part in that i thank :) for making a mostly boring world more fun :) i made some good friends at that time in XgocX and we had some good chats :)

I wish for everyone from w18 past and present to have a good 2011 and hope all your lives are full and happy :)