Thank You


Some make a leaving thread when they depart but that doesn't really appeal to me. Instead I'd like to take a minute to thank all those who made tw an enjoyable experience for me.

From the Malaz days:

I'd like to thank Tom, Josh, Marlene, Joseph, Will, Ben, Shaun, Chris, Chris (Freon), roaringbull, Rare Eagle, Gizmo, Kom, Moosemasher, Sir Geordie, UltimateFreak, pawnmove, JacksonHammer, the knight darkness, chinilas and misilak.


Jeff, Trevor, Rodney, Pat, Nathan, Tim, Darlene, Keith, Kriss, Leimer, Twilightblade, R.H.C.P., mirrorke, Jason, Damien, Mike, Kurt, turntec22 (original), FirePhantom, Milles Bornes, wilberto, exor, Uthred, drac, and Simon

From TLA:

Tim, Sam, Joe, Xheebs, and JV

From GRIND!:

Blair, the Daves (both King and Detroit), Yoni, Linda, Jan, Ed, kj, Side, Jake, Val, Bert and Ickle

From the Scripters:

FileNotFound, Fluffy88, and dalesmckay

I very much appreciate all the time you freely gave to help me edit and learn about scripts as well as the scripts that you made specially for me. Much respect to all three of you.

An extra special thanks to Tom and Leimer as you both took me to another level as far as knowledge and ability to play the game.

Thanks for the good times and best of luck to you all.


Isnt that lovely.

I mean when you see the NSA list and see just how few are left it makes me a happy chappy.)


Cheers mate, all the best to you in RL and congrats on ridding yourself of this addiction. One day, when this world is won/finished, I too will be joining you and the rest at TW anonymous.


take care mate, you have always been a good guy and I respect you for that :)

Sad to see you leave, good luck with everything!



Goodluck with whatever you get up to in that bad old world of yours rake, its been fun and a real pleasure to know ya bro...

you'l be missed, but not forgotten..



Seeya Rake. Goodluck in r/l, promise never to come back, leave this addiction behind :]