Thanks you and Good bye


It always come a time when it is time to say goodbye. I choose to do it now before the world end.

The idea was to reset the clock so that we would actually noble ont Norse and also noble some smaller tribes, but since the tw-team failed to follow the development on this server and consiequently refused to lower the coinprices ( I even got told off when sending a ticket ;) ) it has stalled any kind of possibility to play on. We all have nukes to go around the the world tvice but no nobles to go with it. It has resulted in even my players stopped to log on dailly.

So I want to start this tread now so that i can still say thanks to some of my extraordinary players in my tribe that made this a fun world.

Thanks to

Paper- for showing me that there is a player that rival me in this game . I am clearly impressed
Kristian- for being such a motivator in early game.
Cody -for showing that it is possible to trust new recruits.
Greg - for turning out to be loyal.
pepe1- for being a true teamplayer
Lakozz for bring so many stories to the chats
Yelllow for sticking with the account while under heavy fire for so long
Monja - for having the most contagious laughter
Debbie for bringing sunshine to the chatroom
Anton for having the stamina of God knows what.
Tobaco for the most wonderful laughter on friday nights voicechats.
Loncelot for being an inspiration while on her smaller account.
Aaron for being so cute
Redswam for make us all realise why all Norwaystories are based on facs and not humour .
Ghostbusters for long convorsations during the yolo-Night merger.

I obviously also thank the rest of the tribe for sticking med me even when the boat rocked, but those are the ones that gave me memories that I will cherich for as long as I wll remeber this game.

I also thank Dreamsweeper in Norse. You were always a very friendly character and I hope you find your part in the twteam enjoyable.

Thats about it.

This will be my last post on external on w75 so I will also then Thank all opponenents in the game. Without you it would not have been fun.

I apologise if I stepped on anyones toes on external. Tha match is now over and I have nothing but love left for you all. After all we are all addicts to this game and we have more in comon against the rest of the world than we have against one another.

To ALL that played w75 Good luck on your new adventures, may it be other worlds or out in the real one.

Mint signing out
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...So you won't be resetting the clock as suggested :icon_wink:

No thanks to Oblivitus for the banter filled messages? :'(

Even I will give credit to Yellow, there were times when it had seemed like they'd quit, but they did well to endure my onslaught, despite I'm sure there were plenty whom helped them to do so. As I told SM IG, to anyone I've attacked, however significantly or consistantly, nothing personal, hope everyone enjoyed their time, with or against me :lol:


Thank you Mint and the rest of all Night players, it has been a great time and a bit sad that the world seems to be over soon.

and thanks to the rest of the world aswell, without you all it hadent been a game at all...


No need to reset the secret timer. When the secrets are won this world will have the option to continue for dominance. Many are leaving already and not because the secrets have been won.

I wonder if Innogames would be happy that they are losing money and players because TW is too lazy to implement what we deserve in a timely fashion.

Congrats to all in @night, thank you Greg for getting us here. High5 to Mint Cody and Anton.


Thank you Mint! You have been an great leader for us in @Night. We would never have done this without you for sure. Great to have the chats with you, I really enjoyed them. A strict and fair leader, that really deserve this place more then anyone!

I know I haven't been the most active member of the team, but it was a pleasure to talk and play with you all, especially Mint & Lakozz.




Greg - for turning out to be loyal.
Ghostbusters for long convorsations during the yolo-Night merger.

It was a pleasure to see your face on another world, not much has changed from the short time i met you on w55. As soon as I knew who you were here I was set on working with @night. Though non of us could have predicted we would eventually merge.

Congrats to all in @night, thank you Greg for getting us here.

A good tribe is no fun without a Debbie in it, I would have and did do whatever it took to make this world a good one for you. Despite me leaving it for a while.

Thank you to all of the players in @night, my former tribe yolo and Oblivitus for friendly conversations often despite him being on the other side of the fight.


It was so much fun fellas. I never thought with how screwed up the north west was that I would be still alive, and even in the top 20 of the world. It was a very tough fight and horsey gave me a run for my money. I have had easier worlds but this one was very fun. Thanks to all who have helped me get better with tactics! I hope to meet up with you all again in the future.