The 50 commandments of the off-topic forum!

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The 50 commandments of the off-topic forum

The complete list:

commandment 1 - ibo321 always pwnz

commandment 2 - Zemerok always ownz

commandment 3 - The Unnamed Warrior is, was and always will be the best spammer EVAR. Previously agreed upon by everyone.

commandment 4 - The Unnamed Babeh is offically a god and must be obyed. End.

commandment 5 - Skyline and any supporters of his are hostis humani generis and should be treated as such.

commandment 6 - pirates have more right to spam than non-pirates

commandment 7 - Morris Day and The Time shall henceforth be worshipped as the greatest band in the world.

commandment 8 - Rivka is the sweetie distributor and sweeties shall only be distributed by Rivka. End of.

commandment 9 - Saiyans is the rum keeper and the one with the key

commandment 10 - Kid Psykra's word is law

commandment 11 - Thou shalt always defer to the old school spammers. (unnamed, Spank86, daffanka, Warlo, Lord_castellan, ibo321, rivka and Hastyr)

commandment 12 - Never close a topic from old skool spammers (unnamed, Spank86, daffanka, Warlo, Lord_castellan, ibo321, rivka and Hastyr)

commandment 13 - thou shalt not post in big coloured letters

commandment 14 - Warlo is not a god

commandment 15 - "the Elite issue" » 1. 1337 ain't Elite » 2. 1337 ain't Leet » Leet ain't Elite

commandment 16 - cheese is the one true god

commandment 17 - Warlo has been crowned as Absolute Clueless Moron by high lord Jester.. this decission will ALLWAYS be Honoured!

commandment 18 - Thou shalt not confuse the forum post count with the true post count.

commandment 19 - All piratey issues shall be directly forwarded to the cap'n Rivka, and the crew will obey the Cap'n Rivka or else recieve a horrible piratey punishment.

commandment 20 - The rum key is holy. Don't touch it. I SAID DON'T TOUCH IT!

commandment 21 - TjDarkness is an idiot and should be completely ignored (© TjDarkness productions).

commandment 22 - The pirate cap'n of the RPC may henceforth only be called : Cap'n Rivka the Kind

commandment 23 - use spam as a weapon

commandment 24 - you have to obey

commandment 25 - ignore commandement 24

commandment 26 - Ibo shall be the one to make the number 10,000 in the thread: Count to 10000.

commandment 27 - warlo is actually a camel

commandment 28 - haiku is evil

commandment 29 - there are no such things as commandements written by mods
commandment 29.5 - The Mods secretly control the minds of the users, and thus need not commandments
commandment 30 - there are no such things as commandements written by admins (unless they threaten to ban for it)

commandment 31 - lego star wars pwns

commandment 32- this deserves a sticky

commandment 33 - Thou Shalt ignore Kid Psykra's opinion if necessary

commandment 34 - shut the hell up!

commandment 35 - like chocolate or be satan

commandment 36- thou shalt spam at least 5 days a week

commandment 37 - posting backwards numbers in the count to 10000 is for ibo321 only.

commandment 38 - Pirates are ALWAYS "on topic".

commandment 39 - Yant0 is mighty (and a n00b).

commandment 40 - Ninjas can be pirates, but pirates can't be ninjas(natural law)

commandment 41 - you got owned.

commandment 42 - Kayvent is special, let him have at least one commandment on the list.

commandment 43- Thou shall allways refer to the 50 commandments if necessary.
commandment 43.5- Ender_wiggin is a sacred god. Deal with it. Ban ban Ban, that's a threat, mmk?
commandment 44 - All shall huggle Robertaiking, and Robertaiking reserves the right to huggle all and anyone.

commandment 45 - noone ever wins

commandment 46 - any thread that devolves into a discussion about 'spartans/300' shall be ignored and shunned.

commandment 47 - only hastyr is allowed to speak in third person.

commandment 48 - you shall not obey anyone unless decided unanymous.

commandment 49 - Geschlossen is the holy word and should be worshipped on the sabbath day

commandment 50 - Tribal wars was founded by Stewie off Family guy
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