the annoyingly hugging northwest

Michael Wittman

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lol now this has just gotten crazy. I have seen these guys do anything they can to avoid real fighting. now these two enemies have all of a sudden joined and we are supposed to think it is a strong tribe? you guys couldn't do anything to eachother! you guys had to use new accounts and betrayal to put the Spartans on the back foot. you will not win this world. I have never seen such inept fighting and pure avoidance of fighting. tnub and rhythm give me 10 D vills a month and I will throw these guys around like paper dolls


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i think what we'd all like to know is how North came to agree to this nonsense.

You wouldn't know diplomacy if it hit you in the face. You got kicked off an account on this world and then come back and tell us we're making bad moves?



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not sure who you think I am or where I play but I've never been booted out of an account :)
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was- I've escorted myself out.

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