The Black Dawn are Recruiting!


The Black Dawn
"The Shadow Before The Dawn"

We are The Black Dawn, And we are the Shadow Before The Dawn.

Located in K85 and the surrounding Continents.

We basically provide a nice little social environment for the New, And the Old, With a little piece of mind behind it, Knowing, That you will always have someone to back you up.

All we ask of anyone who wishes to join is that you;
1) Fill out an application form that can be found when enquiring about join-up in game.
2) Provide us with your full potential to help us! If you're new, We want you to help us help you, By letting us teach you how to play. And if you're a veteran player, We want you to teach.
3) That you are active, And regularly use the Tribe Forum to build relationships with your fellow Tribe-mates, and to help each-other out when need be.

If this sounds like something you are particularly looking for, Feel free to message me in game on Khysar, Or apply straight away to our Tribe 'The Black Dawn' (-TBD-)