The end draws near....


Taken from the profile of the new tribe called AFF.

"Congratulations to LIFE.
You have thoroughly deserved your victory.

BornSlippy - just another frontline failure

Yes, you came back to help your friends to finish off their misery they suffer under greenmonstas leadership that is acceptable,and with that you created AFF :)

PS:Btw,where did woolly mammoth hide somewhere, he said alot of things he will do :D
thought well that he could not keep his word :p

haha, AF was dead by the time I got there, and I was only in charge for about 3 months out of what, 4 years? I don't see how I would have had any effect :p Sounds like somebodys jealous over here ;)

Anyway, congrats LIFE. You guys managed to keep playing after everyone else got far too bored of nobling inactives and barbs.


Good job to all, winning or losing.

And yes I seen some names I remember also:icon_eek:

World 4 rocked. Good times, good memories.


Which is worse: spying or kicking your own tribe members while they are down?