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Congratulations Meow! - the world has been won!

The twists and turns throughout W62 on a diplomatic level…The (un)expected confrontations throughout this world…The 3 long-lasting Premade teams of Agency, HONOR & Panic! that all made it to the world end…This has been a world unlike any other.

It would be wrong to start this post without first congratulating HONOR – the only remaining Premade on this world. Despite their size and untenable position, they have succeeded in outlasting every other original tribe, and fought until the end.

However, HONOR did not succeed in winning this world. Meow! did.

As a duke of Meow!, it is my privilege to make this announcement. This team put together, forged of Panic and Agency originals & the fantastic players picked up along the way, has succeeded in finally winning this world.

The Leadership Team

Focalor/Whiskey River - Duke
Googly/DominusMorentus->Whiskey River - Duke

Crucial/Too Early For Beer? - Baron

I wish to give thanks and acknowledgement to the third duke and a former baron of Agency - these 2 men succeeded in helping Agency achieve some of the incredible results that we did. Including (but not limited to) the largest co-ordinated Op this world has ever seen, demonstrated by the end of year statistics linked ***here***.

Whiskey River/Hybrid Soul

Focalor, thank you for being an incredible duke to co-play & co-lead with. You have now led two tribes to world wins, a feat in itself and yet you still are the most humble, polite, friendly man I have ever come across in this game.

Crucial, thank you for being a reliable, active baron who did more in a leadership capacity than any member would realize. You have been an incredible friend as always, and I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done throughout this world. A true friend.

Dylar, thank you for the part you played throughout world 62; you were without a doubt the most influential player in the world and you played that card beautifully. It was under your guidance, your style and your skills that so many quality players got to a world win.

To all those mentioned below – thank you for the outstanding contribution, team-work and effort you put in to ensuring this team won this world.

Syndicate Symphony
Winnie Churchill
Jaxter and Co
Lord Bommelbaum

I would also like to take a moment to thank every Agency member who fought alongside Focalor & myself on this world. The 9 months we spent warring together and playing together was perhaps the best time I’ve ever spent in this game.

It’s been a true pleasure, and you are all welcome to keep in touch – you did me proud.

To everybody else, to my brethren from Panic!, without you we would not be where we are today and some of you have made excellent contributions, whether it was in aggression, defence or both (The FARMER comes to mind) I am proud to have led you in the final stages of the world:

Thank you for the memories.

It has been a pleasure fighting alongside many of you, and a privilege to lead so many fantastic players and characters.


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NOTE: ​Sorry for not using my blue text, too many spoilers to code it all.​

Hello world 62 and all onlookers. I warn you now that if you intend to read this entire post, it will be very long. This post is going to be my review, and personal opinion of every member of Meow!, the world winning tribe.

For those onlookers who don't know which opinions to follow, all I can tell you is that I was baron of Agency, one of the two tribes that created Meow!, for the majority of this world and was also baron of Meow! for about the first month of it's existence before stepping down from my position for various reasons but mainly due to not wanting to work along side some of the other leaders of the tribe.

This post will not be censored and by that I don't mean it'll break the forum rules. I mean it won't have anything other than my pure opinion. No sugar coating, no biting my tongue to avoid making people unhappy. The time for me to behave is over. The world has been won, and my leash is broken. Time to abuse that fact before Googly catches me and chains me up again. He's kinky like that.

Without further lollygagging around, lets begin. Please apply ice to burned area if needed. I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors regrading capitals coming after the tribe abbreviations. I wrote this in Office Suite X originally.
Stats were done on the 12th, the 18th, and the 19th. They are all from Meow! War stats, none prior to the merge.

[spoil]Honestly, I can't think of a reason why you haven't earned this world win. Since joining Meow! you have been a massive player when it comes to the war effort. 77mil ODA, over 400 villages capped, 23mil ODD. You have the highest caps from the enemy, the most ODA gained from the enemy and are 5th for defending against the enemy. Those stats are not something to take lightly in the least.

You told me a couple personal things about you a while back that i won't bring up here, but all I can say is wow. Thank you so much for your time. While we did not exactly talk a whole lot or work together closely due to a combination of location and skype, I can firmly say it would be a pleasure to play with you again despite knowing that the likelihood of that happening is next to none. I wish you all the best for you and your family and hope life takes you to high places.[/spoil]

[spoil]You are, to put it plainly, a waste of space in this tribe and should not have gotten the free ride that you did. You yourself freely admitted that you were pointwhoring to maintain your rank 2 spot and that to me is a disgrace. Your last war cap was on January 15th. Since then your diet has been Rawrrr, a tribe of Panic!'s old bashers, internals, or barbs. 48 total war caps. Shame on you.

It's people who skated along like you that make me ashamed to have won with world as a member of Meow![/spoil]

[spoil]King... I don't know what else I can other than that it's been a pleasure working along side you since the 26 point mark to the end. I can easily, and will gladly say that you are the better player out of the two of us but one thing is for sure... I can't sit you ever. How you do it is beyond me. The one time I did sit you, you had mixed villages and I was baffled at how you performed as well as you do.

I'd gladly play another world with you.[/spoil]

My Immortal.
[spoil]I can say I don't know you and don't think I have ever spoken with you. Never saw you in skype like a lot of the ex Panic! members but you have 341 war caps and 45mil ODA which is more than I.

Definitely more deserving than a lot of Meow!.[/spoil]

[spoil]Chris and Tasha.... I'll admit I was skeptical of letting you into the tribe at first seeing as you were from Org. (Panic! Cleared all their Org. recruits with Agency prior to inviting them and we did the same) but I can honestly say you were one of the best recruits we ever picked up in this world. You have more than earned your place here at the end and I would gladly fight along side you any time once again.

286 war caps, 33mil ODA, and 21mil ODD in the war. 220 of those caps also being HONOR, the tribe that fought back against Meow! By far the hardest out of all the tribes we cleaned up on this world.

You deserve this win. You've fought hard, and you fought to the end.[/spoil]

[spoil]My feelings here are quite mixed. All 147 of your war caps are HONOR and you have 18mil ODA gained from that war. I haven't taken a single HONOR village yet have 14mil ODA in that war. This to me shows that a lot of your HONOR caps were easier caps. Your activity has gone up a lot lately though which is why I'm leaning towards you earning this win.

You sat on your ass for a while in Meow! though and that is simply undeniable. I'd probably be willing to play with you again purely to see if my opinion of you improved from it.[/spoil]

[spoil]Drew.... You're one of the reasons I left Meow! leadership. You were easily the thing that made Panic! What it was and without you, I feel the tribe would have failed. You do not however, deserve this win at all. You left your sit for the last three months of the world to pick up the win while you went off to play a different world. That is simply spitting the face of each and every one of your tribemates and I would be ashamed to be in a tribe with you in the future.

As a person however, you and I get along most of the time but we do knock heads here and there which is to be expected when you sit two arrogant and stubborn people like us down in the same room.

Anyways, I hope you read this so you know I pushed for your dismissal a lot inside Meow! But alas, it wasn't done. I wish you luck in life, but continual failure in TW. (sun)[/spoil]

[spoil]While you may have 254 war caps, deserve this win you do not. The exact opposite actually. Your 254 war caps have only shown me how much of a coward you are. You were extremely inactive and stagnant in the beginning stages of Meow! And then when it was clear Auphan were no longer fighting back and many of them had barbed, you made your move. You jumped north east into the center of Auphan instead of north west to HONOR where they were still actively fighting us. You were positioned in the center of the tribe and it was an even shot in either direction.

You chose the free ride and false glory that players like MoraleKi11er, Skyset, Runesten, WildAnimal, and Normy created to satisfy your own personal greed. Shame on you for taking credit where you earned none.[/spoil]

Whiskey River
[spoil]Now what can I say about this pair of noobs..... Well for starters this account was played by Googly-Eyes and Focalor, two names that you should probably already have known prior to this world due to their reputation. They were the dukes of Agency from the start. Hell Googly was the duke of Agency a year before the world even started when he formed the Pure Gold premade but before I get too far off subject, I suggest you guys go have a look here if you'd like to know the history of Agency.

The only other thing I can really say on the subject of these two aside from that their records speak for themselves is that they are, without a doubt, the absolute best leaders I have ever had the pleasure to playing alongside as their baron, and under as a normal member in my entire tribalwars career which at this point, has grown to be quite extensive. I forget how many years I've been playing this game. Think it's somewhere close to 5 now?

Anyways, it truly has been a pleasure you two. Don't let my end game restlessness fool you, I wouldn't trade the experience you two allowed me to have under your leadership up for anything.[/spoil]

[spoil]Runesten... Rickyson11... You two were without a doubt, the top recruits Agency recruited on this world that didn't come with us in the premade. You only share this seat with Normy in my eyes. I was for recruiting you two then, and I still stand by that call today. I attempted to catch you nubs, and I failed miserably. Well not miserably, I got close for a little bit before you went and nobled another 300 villages at the end. Seriously though, playing with you two again would simply make my day.

After all, I need someone to race with should I play again right?[/spoil]

[spoil]Shadow I can't say you and I ever were close being one of the recruits from Org that came into Panic! Shortly before Meow! But I can say this, your war caps are higher than the majority of Meow!. 436 caps against the enemy with 5 losses. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

Did you earn your seat here at the end? I suppose so.[/spoil]

Syndicate Symphony
[spoil]Robo... Al... The pleasure of working along side the two of you was one of a kind, as was working along side Googly and Foc. Seeing you guys finishing the world under the name I chose for you after you were changed yours is just icing on the cake as well.

Alas it has come to my attention that the meaning of this name went over the heads of some, including you Al, so I'll explain it here. A Syndicate is a criminal organization which is highly organized and the symphony portion stems from the silent, swift, and cohesive actions of said syndicate. Consider it their melody of sorts. This name was chosen for you guys because of how precise you were in each and every one of Agency's ops up until that point and being one of our main players in the tribe. The idea itself reminds me of Agency and relates to it without being so obvious. The name, is tied to the tribe it was meant for and forever shall be as in my eyes, no existing tribe can stand up to what Agency was in it's prime.

Anyhow, until I grew lazy in the last few months of the world, we were always racing. Initially you two were always in front of me, and then I hit my stride and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't catch me. Al I recall you complaining to me that every time you guys got close and thought you had me, I'd pull ahead by another 300k on you. Well in the end, you passed me again and congratulation on that my friends. Knowing you were biting at my heels is what kept me going for a long time. However once Jaxx Haxx barbed I simply couldn't be bothered nobling all of his barbs to maintain my growth. I'm writing this segment on the 18th of March, and I have 111 nobles currently. You know I was sitting on 20 for a good while.

I hope we get a chance to play together again at some point. Forgetting the two of you won't be a simple matter.[/spoil]

[spoil]WA... You are a beast and that is the only way I know how to describe you. Such hunger for ODA cannot be describe in any other manner in my eyes. I know I never even tried to keep up with your ODA because you simply blew me out of the water this world. Maybe on another world where I gun for ODA over precise strikes like I did here until the formation of Meow!.

You deserve this win hands down.[/spoil]

[spoil]Herris, if I was duke of Meow!, you never would have seen the invite to the tribe. In your time in this world, you accomplished absolutely nothing. You were A*R, then turned tail to Panic! When that war started and simply feasted on inactives. Then in the final weeks of the world, you sat there and nobled 2k barbs to project yourself from rank 25 into the top 15.

Not only are you a disgrace to the tribe, you are a disgrace to the TW community as a whole. I hope to see you in another world simply so I can destroy you in it. Should that time ever arise, I'll show what a real player can do.[/spoil]

Winnie Churchill
[spoil]Back in your active times, you and I destroyed and entire K together yet no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't pass you in k46. I blame this on the fact that I started with 8 villages there when the Undy war started to your clusters on the border. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it haha.

In all reality though I only passed you guys momentarily at the end before I quit nobling due to your own inactivity due to real life issues. You are and forever shall be, one of Agency's stars. Recruiting you from o_O was a great call made by Googly and Foc when we picked up several players from them in the earlier stages of the world.

You deserve the win, and let the haters hate on you my friend, those who matter know who you are and what your personality is like, those who don't well... they don't matter now do they?

[2:02:46 PM] Winnie Churchill: googly...Winnie churchill = Brave handsome warrior
[2:03:01 PM] Winnie Churchill: for the external ^^^^

I got your back bud haha[/spoil]

*Sigh * Factor
[spoil]This is my account. 183 Meow! War caps with 5 losses. 100 or so villages taken from Zzz.. before I forced them to barb, a tribe of Agency backwash. 100 or so villages taken from Jaxx Haxx prior to forcing him to barb after his dismissal from Meow!. Neither of which were recorded in the Meow! War record book.

What was recorded was my 14mil ODA in the honor war, placing my 16th for ODA in that war, despite not taking a single cap. My nobles may have been busy elsewhere continually sicne Meow! Formed cleaning up our areas, namely k48, but my nukes were always being used whenever they were available.

Why didn't I take any HONOR villages? Well that's simple. Meow! Had nothing on Agency as a tribe. The majority of Panic! Were garbage and had we gone to war rather than merged, we would have utterly decimated them as a tribe. Voting for the merge was by far my worst call in my time as leadership of Agency.

So to put it plainly, I couldn't be bothered. Still placed top 20 in ODA and size though. Those who fought along side me in Agency, the best tribe this world saw, know for a fact how ruthless I can be when it comes to war.

Enough about me though, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Goodwins, my early game co up until the 10th village or so before departing. You helped me get rolling and I thank you for that. My start up would have been much slower without you bud.

But the main person who deserves credit for the success of this account... Daniel. You paid for all of the premium after Goodwins left. It wasn't just 200 a month either, it was 400 for account manager also. You may have never been active in the account since our merge, but the account will always be half yours. Couldn't have achieved what I did without you bank rolling me. I truly mean it when I say this, thank you Daniel. Couldn't have done it without you.[/spoil]

[spoil]Another of the o_O recruits and in my eyes, the best recruit we ever recruited alongside Runesten and Rickyson11. You have always been plowing a path through the enemies in this world and are an insane fighter. If anyone deserves this win, it's you. You are more deserving than I am in all honesty.

Well done.[/spoil]

[spoil]Adam, you are another person that makes me sick to be in a tribe with. Your TW skills are lacking from what I've seen.

With a whopping 31 war caps and 7 losses, I'm pretty sure someone who never played TW before could take over your account and do more for this tribe in 2 weeks than you did in the several months Meow! Has existed.

You are reason #3 that I wanted to unmerge Meow!.[/spoil]

Jaxter n Co
[spoil]Jaxter, I have nothing bad to say about you guys. One of the very few accounts that originated from Panic!. While you may not have the most stunning record that leaps at people, you evidently fought in our wars which is more than many can say. With around 20mil ODA and ODD and a frontline account, I'd say you earned your place here at the end.[/spoil]

[spoil]Your name describes your luck with this review perfectly. There was none. From what I can tell, all of your HONOR caps were easy takes from inactives or piggybacking from someone else's work. In addition to that, the last 7 pages of your TW stats are all losses to the enemy. Never have you been active, never have you actually fought this war, never have you earned your place here at the end.[/spoil]

[spoil]Solace.... I have nothing to say about you.... nothing that isn't good at least. ^_^

You joined Agency as one of the premade members late. You've never been the most skype active, but ever time I have spoken to you, it has always been a pleasurable experience. What you're trying to do for people with your radio show and facebook page is truly inspirational and I sincerely wish you the best in life.

It has been a pleasure, and you deserve this win despite being the silent destroyer that you are in game. I swear nobody sees you coming, not even your tribemates. Every time I look at you you're larger than I expect you to be haha.[/spoil]

[spoil]Chris... You were indeed the only gem that came out of Undy in my eyes. Pako pulled what he did, and I was against recruiting Coolmint from the start. You however have continually proved yourself worthy of being an Agent and in my eyes, you always have been. Just took a bit for you to choose the correct pill.

A worthy agent, is worthy of victory in this world. No tribe could stand up to us, Panic! Would have been destroyed had we went to war. Welcome to the fold mate.[/spoil]

[spoil]You fall into the same category as Herris. Just minus the barb nobling. If we went to war, you'd have been on of the first to fall, and one of the easiest.[/spoil]

[spoil]Well Queen, I haven't seen anything out of you in game, but from the few times I saw you on skype I really loved your personality. Sadly, that doesn't make you deserve a free world win.

Had you been active though, from what you claim you would have been deserving.[/spoil]

[spoil]Dannoh and Kevin... You two were always skype active and fun to talk with. Running a frontline account and actively fighting HONOR. I think should the majority around you not been a waste of the space they held, and a proper OP been able to be performed for your area, you two would have truly shined.

For those reasons, I think you've earned this victory.[/spoil]

[spoil]You're achievements in this world are about as good as Ghosteh's, except you're worse. 19 total war caps? Are you kidding me? I swear if there wasn't a rule against profanity here I'd rip you a new one.[/spoil]

[spoil]-Gameface-, my opinion on you is very, very mixed. You're the leader when it comes to meow! War caps, but your pointwhoring makes me want to vomit. 12,154 build? Seriously what are you twelve?

Should we be in the same tribe again, I hope you don't fall into those ways again. You're able to fight I know from the Undy war, but your pointwhoring for rank seriously needs to be addressed. The fact that you lied to me also just pissed me off. When I mailed you on the subject asking why, you said you'd stop. You didn't.

What's the point in lying to me on such a trivial subject?[/spoil]

[spoil]Mags, you were always fun to talk to but your effort in the wars was lacking at best. You're in the dead center of the world, and you never jumped to any enemy. How you have 129 war caps is simply beyond me.

Did you earn this win in my eyes? No. Would I give you the opportunity to prove yourself in a future tribe? Yes I would.[/spoil]

[spoil]Jenni I always enjoyed speaking with you also. You came into the Justifi3d account a month or two ago. In that time you never did much with the account other than keep it green. I also however know your real life is very hectic and you had trouble running such a large account on your own.

I can't hold not doing anything on the account against you, but I also can't say you earned this victory you were handed.[/spoil]

Shop Rushers
[spoil]Simply... Where do I start? You are, without a doubt, the most ignorant, self centered, whiny, and garbage leader I have ever had the displeasure of being in a tribe with. Your way to victory was recruit to win. You wanted to recruit all of Org to speed up the world win which was only stopped by Agency saying no over and over. You refused to let go of the fact that the Daly account needed to be dropped in the merge and when it accidentally got invited by Sarge to the tribe because he wasn't active and for some reason still had privileges, you didn't want to dismiss and just said “Oh lets see how it goes.” At this point the Agency side of leadership had to give up on the subject as he was already invited to the tribe after you threw a hissy fit about it not going to be invited in the first place that Drew had to clam you down from.

Well let me tell you babes, it went fantastically in my eyes. It just allowed me to scream I told you so from the rooftops. It had 39 caps, and 498 losses. FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT! Why I think I can safely say that is the most losses anyone in this world has had that wasn't the target of an Agency style Op.

You did absolutely nothing for the tribe on a leadership scale or on a personal level which is simply inexcusable considering you decided to go and lead another tribe in I think it's world 66. How's that world working out for you? Here let me tell you, once again you're sitting on your ass with a duke title while Hustlelikeab0ss, one of Agency's members, is baron and is running the tribe keeping it afloat.

You are a disgrace on a leadership level. You are a disgrace on a player level. You are a disgrace to the entirety of the tribalwars community and how you earned the reputation that you did simply boggles my mind. I eagerly wish to see you in another world so I can rip you a new asshole in it.[/spoil]

Nia Yu
[spoil]Nia, you are the only Org recruit Agency picked up. When you first joined, you were at a loss of time and we were worried we'd have to find someone new for your account. Auphan were hitting it hard and we were defending it well via sits. This was at the 3.7mil stage I believe. We didn't grow your account for you.

Since your return, you're sitting at 6.7mil. You've climbed your way up the rankings instead of just skating along like so many people in this tribe have. 201 war caps and 22 losses. Well done mate. Simply well done.[/spoil]

Lord Bommelbaum
[spoil]Another Agent who was has shown merit in this world. 166 war caps and 6 losses. While not one of the top Agents, and Agent who fought none the less which can be said about far more members from our side of the merge than Panic!'s. Again, I thank you for your service and time dedicated to Agency under my baronship, along side me as a normal member, and for your time in Meow!.[/spoil]

[spoil]Emilsen, I believe I asked Googly to kicked you once or twice due to seeing nothing out of you. In the end, I'm glad he didn't and I trusted him. You proved yourself as a valued member of the tribe despite never talking to anyone that I am aware of. You just silently grew, and kept growing.

Your D has always been at the front lines, and your offensive troops on the march. You've earned your place here at the end.[/spoil]

Too Early For Beer?
[spoil]Crucial.... Name the time and place and I'll gladly lead with you again or play with you again. You are one of the people I grew closest to in my time in this world and are someone I would call a friend. Always working hard for the tribe on a leadership scale, always growing on a membership scale.

Alistair, you old fart I love you. Always telling us to be more respectful to one another and watch our mouths. The tribalwars community needs more people like you. You're kind, respectful, and while not the face of the TEFB? Account, a well deserving member of it.

Both of you have more that earned your place in this world. If it could be won twice, I'd say you guys deserve both wins.[/spoil]

[spoil]T@F players, I sincerely apologize for the garbage tribemates you've had around you in this world preventing us from organizing a proper operation for your area. You guys have been astounding in this war. Constantly fighting and under heavy attack, constantly burrowing your way deeper and deeper into the core of HONOR. This win belongs to players like you, not the rift raft we've carried with us. Congratulations, you truly deserve this.[/spoil]

Evil Culprit
[spoil]You are as bad as Yan and have no excuse for it. You're also playing another world, you haven't nobled a single village since November, prior to the merge and those were free villages from Rawrrr, Panic!'s basher tribe. Your last war cap was October 21st. You made zero attempt to jump to a front.

You and people like you, are what make Meow! A bad tribe. You sir, do not deserve this win in the least.[/spoil]

Smexy Returns
[spoil]Wyatt, despite you being ODA hungry, this victory isn't deserved. 19 war caps, 7 losses, 12mil ODA in wars. You have no excuse either, you're close to HONOR and you're actively playing world 65.

Pure laziness should not be rewarded but that is the way under Yannick's leadership. The damage was too severe for Agency's leadership to fix such deep wounds in the time we had while fighting opposition at every turn from Panic!'s leadership.

Hope w65 is worth it because you're not worth the space you take up in this world.[/spoil]

[spoil]While not one of Agency's largest members, you were always one of the strongest fighters. When you had the time, you tore it up. You also joined us late on this world. In fact Googly had 10 villages when you joined if memory serves me correct. That didn't slow you down though, you fought for your place and earned it you have.

Thank you for dedicating a portion of your life to us. A victory you have earned in doing so. That is more than a lot of players who try their hand at this game can claim.[/spoil]

[spoil]Ramman I have to admit I was against recruiting you guys due to it meaning you were using our internals to relocate. I had my doubts, Googly assured me to trust him and I did. In doing so, I allowed you the opportunity to prove me wrong about you and indeed you did just that. 264 war caps, 14 losses.

Once you were up to size, you tore through every enemy we sent you at as almost every Agent has.[/spoil]

Factory of Faith
[spoil]Paul.... No. Simply no. You last cap was October. Your only contribution to Meow! Was the name and you said it as a joke but we ran with it. You didn't even manage to keep your account green during your free ride, you were yellow 90% of the time, probably hit red a few times also.

Great guy but not deserving of this victory at all.[/spoil]

[spoil]In my times speaking with you, you were great to talk to. Despite your size, you've done more for Meow! Than many others with 227 war caps. That's roughly half your size. Well done mate, you've earned a seat at the table in the great hall where we celebrate this victory.[/spoil]

[spoil]Same boat as Factory of Faith except you've recently started to noble more people from Rawrrr to bolster your size in the final days. I do believe you're playing other worlds also and have no excuse as to why you've done absolutely nothing for this tribe.

With a total of less than 1mil ODT in our wars.. No, you don't deserve this win. You deserve to be rimmed instead.[/spoil]

[spoil]Yet another flat line that doesn't deserve this victory. You may be my mango, but even my mango doesn't deserve the victory he was handed.[/spoil]

[spoil]Fairly certain I'm starting to sound like a broken record at this point. 136 war caps and 36mil ODA in wars mean nothing when you go poof to another world instead of finishing things out.

In a words of Yoda, a victory you do not deserve.[/spoil]

[spoil]Jace.... When you were around, you did a lot for the tribe, the issue is, you were gone more than you were here. My feelings on if you deserve this win are quite mixed, but in the end, I'm going to have to say no you didn't. You did a lot for Agency, but you were also sat or away more than you were actually here. It's why you ended up having to merge in the first place into a 2mil account from your 1.6mil account.

Sorry bud but my verdict on this one is that you don't belong here at the end.[/spoil]

[spoil]Simply see Killex review. Not going to bother repeating myself again on this waste of space.[/spoil]

[spoil]You don't deserve to be here. You have a front with HONOR, yet have done nothing on it. Under 10mil ODT in the wars is shameful to say the least considering HONOR defend and even if you only threw nukes at them you could get over 10mil ODA with ease.[/spoil]

Lets Rock and Roll
[spoil]For such a little guy, you've got spunk but that isn't enough to earn a victory in my eyes. You have a little over 100 caps and over 30 losses. You've never been that active for the tribe and you've made no headway on the fronts you jumped to at all as if you weren't even trying.[/spoil]

Caarl The Llama
[spoil]See Killex.[/spoil]

[spoil]Cork... Life decided to bend you over it's knee and beat you senseless yet you still managed to come in from time to time and give us updates on your situation. You desperately wanted to be here and fighting with us to the end but simply were unable to do so due to getting kicked in the groin repeatedly by that guy we all know as the real world. In your active times, you were a stellar Agent. Yes you got carried towards the end, but that couldn't be helped due to your situation. You deserve this bud and allow it to be our parting gift to you, a win under your belt to make you happy when you stand up to the big bully called life.[/spoil]

[spoil]Sorry Matt buy you don't deserve this win. When you were actively fighting you were alright. You never made the initiative to jump to the front in my eyes though and you had plenty of opportunity. You could have returned to fight the horde of BROS near you also but you didn't. You just left us your sit and went off to another world while you pick up a free win.

I like you, and help you with various things for other worlds and in general, but this victory you have gotten isn't deserved.[/spoil]

Divine Retribution
[spoil]Kkey, you had no time for ages. We even contemplated eating you several times but I kept saying no, I'll get a hold of him and get him back to nomming on the enemy. Eventually, it happened and you did just that. You had a nice long nap before coming to munch on 238 war caps in recent times.

You wouldn't have earned this victory, but you came and turned it around and did your part at the end. It's nice to have you here at the victory table.[/spoil]

7 Trolls
[spoil]Hama you don't deserve the victory. You gave up on this world months ago and have picked up a free win while going to play world 48. You're great fun to talk to, but a victory you didn't earn. I take full blame for you leaving us for w48 also. I'm the one who got you into the world prior to leaving it for Agency so I apologize for that. I wish you luck there however, not that you really need it. We both know what the Wombles are like.[/spoil]

[spoil]Koz, I don't think you've earned this victory. You've sorta been carried by Agency all world and have evaded the chopping block several times. You're a good guy but in this world you didn't earn squat in my eyes.[/spoil]

hadriaxelfex3, cdub28, and turokrev.
[spoil]The three of you were bashers for various members of Panic! Than Yan just had to recruit instead of having eaten. None of you deserve to be here other than possibly Hadriaxelfex3 but he's just been protected by -av3nger- since who knows when.[/spoil]

Timdark1, Bossman07, Superluminal, Adamashley, Coolmint001, dust4dust, Spoons Are Deadly, Smartypants162, Matko, and noofy.
[spoil]The lot of you were great help in your respective primes, but you didn't earn this win, you were given it. I'm not going to go into any more depth than that because you're all Agents and should know how I feel about each and every one of you individually.[/spoil]

And there you have it folks, the meat of Meow!. There is one more Meow! Member who I need to mention though. His name is White Horsies ftw.
[spoil]Camio, you are, without a doubt, worse than Yannick and I honestly did not think that was a possibility until I spoke with you. It really is no wonder you are the only member of e Meow! Who ended up being kicked from the tribe at the end. Oh and having a go at me for using trains of 5 just makes me laugh.

If you think ensuring the cap makes someone a bad player then you truly do have your head shoved so far up your ass you only know the taste of your own bullshit at this point. Farewell and please find me in a future world, I'd love to show someone with as large of a mouth and god complex as you up.[/spoil]

There is one agent I would like to mention that hasn't been with us for some time however. Or-el.
[spoil]Or-el, your time in Agency truly was great. You made a great addition to leadership and you know that should you have wanted to return to the tribe after leaving for personal reason, we'd have taken you back any moment you wanted even if there wasn't an open account. We would have made room for you.

Once an Agent, always an Agent. I hope life has shaped up for you at least some. From what you shared with me I know it was getting pretty rough.[/spoil]

That's all I've got for you folks. It's long, it's brutal, but it's honest. Feel free to argue any point I've made, I'll gladly back up my claims with a little debate. After all for those of you who didn't earn this victory, it's no fun if you all just lie down and accept that you're shit.

Here's a map of Meow! In red and those worthy of the win in red. BROS and in green, HONOR is in orange.
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An interesting synopsis & enjoyable to read! Glad you had the chance to vent where you felt appropriate too...Well Done winning w62 :icon_wink:


For those that dont know im robo/syndicate symphony(formerly mike litoris.) and having played in many tribes over the years i can say that agency was by far the best and most fun tribe ive ever been a part of. I wont write a novel like googly and Rep ill keep it simple.

Everyone from Agency id like to thank for making it the best time in tw for me, I was ready to quit until i heard about it and once i joined it was too much fun to quit. Also dominating in all those ops was amazing. Was there any tribe that didnt fold because of them?

Those that joined us in the merge, although i wasnt real happy about you letting honor live it was a pleasure playing alongside you.

Special mention to googly, foc, rep, or-el, sam(trolling you was too easy), jenni, jace, ramman77, crucial, winnie, bong, ricky and rune.

Also how could i forget Al my amazing co. If you hadnt joined me id have probably been a part of the undeserving winners of this world. I owe this win to you, thanks mate.


I would like to thank my co-player crucial for all there hard work
And to thank the tribe for all there support in our time here.
foc and googly have worked really hard and lots of others have too.
im too old and lazy too name them all :p
now watch your language oldmannie is still watching :)


Alistair :)


Thanks for remembering my meager contributions to Agency. Congrats on the win!

Al Swearengen

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It's been an absolute pleasure to play alongside Robo as 'Syndicate Symphony'. When I first joined the account and entered the ranks of Agency, it was clear that their standard of players and leadership were far higher than I had seen before. I'd like to thank Agency and subsequently Meow! for allowing me that opportunity. I had a blast on w62 & improved immeasurably by playing alongside the very best. Hope to see you guys again in the near future.


well done meow!
In my eyes Wei Long is best player of w62

sidd 271

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well done Meow! I was in divine retribution account in the beginning.But due to my commitment to w56 i could not play w62 as actively as i would have liked.Kkey is the player who has done most of the works.Although i came back on March 7,put in the profile "I AM BACK" and took some villages in last 2 weeks resulting a spike in our growth curve.:D

I really dont know any member of ex-panic,knew a very few from ex-agency likes of googly,rep,foc,solace etc.(I wasn't even the meow! skype room). But i do remember the leadership was really sleek.The ops were pretty well organized in agency. I also remember panic! had some real beasts like Dylar.
All the best to all who will play in future. And who retired i wish them good luck in real life.
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Al Swearengen

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good player but best?

I'd say you, runesten, avenger and kingmq are at the top of the list. Dylar was good before going inactive. Also Googly/Foc had the habit of taking sits & performing miracles on more than one occasion (T@F springs to mind).

winnie churchill

Rep, its been a pleasure and thanks for your kind words.

One thing stood out most for me was the great leadership we had especially as Agency.

I met some great people in this game, a lot of good amusing people that made the game enjoyable.

One last word to my old co Bong972 , drop by sometime on skype just to say hello!! You are great and taught me a lot!! Thanks

Enjoy RL people!


Rep'poo'ski, a self proclaimed a-hole to the bitter end.

Your tw skills are non existant, so dont go talking abot mine :) Those who know me, know what i am/am not capable of.

Anyway, been a fun world, pity the world ended after a merge i wanted no part of. Some of the agency guys, excluding the 1-2 are actually nice genuine people.

Glad that some of them are quitting for good, can only do the community a favor.



The fact that you're such a grouch you appear to hate on 99% of the Agency players instead of giving some credit where it's due as Repinski did only serves to prove his point, not yours.


Gratz to the victors and the honorable mentions.

Good read Rep ;)

Social Disorder

Good job to everyone for staying this long. Everyone deserves the win!

Well except for Rep of course.

Oh Rep: [video=youtube;NTWLNjxOdNc][/video]


Good read, thanks for the mention and nice comments, you obviously do not know me lol :)

Joking aside, I met some good characters and bad ones, you can't have it great all the time, just compromise and treat people with a little respect as you'd like in return, other than that decent world, good banter and I made some good friends I'd like to play with sometime in the future.

Sadly this is the end of the road for me, well maybe just road under construction, I'm having a break for a few months maybe more so I can give my alarm clock a rest from all the early morning launches :)

I wish everyone all the best on future worlds and will see you again.......soon.

Kind regards


aka MK


Well done to those who stayed until the very end from both Meow! and HONOR.
Congratulations to those in Meow!, you deserve this win.

I hope to play with you again in the future.



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hadriaxelfex3, cdub28, and turokrev.
[spoil]The three of you were bashers for various members of Panic! Than Yan just had to recruit instead of having eaten. None of you deserve to be here other than possibly Hadriaxelfex3 but he's just been protected by -av3nger- since who knows when.[/spoil]

As the "player" of cdub id like to point out that i was brought in for Panic!s first op against Org which i did fairly well in and after that simply didnt give a shit. So no i never was a basher.

Also you talk a big game for someone who waited till the world was over to bad mouth the bigger players in the tribe.

Stay classy bra.


Same goes for what you said about me rep... I stayed till the end.. I never grew like the rest but I was there... My ODA being being ranked 52 in the world and I'm a 3mill point accnt. Everyone of my clusters were gained from pushing front lines. And how many troops I lost defending other players on further fronts. I earned this like everyone else!