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Discussion in 'World 46' started by Dmoron, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    This was a thread a while back that turned into a massive flame-fest basically. This time lets keep it some-what mature :icon_razz:

    Point of this thread is to create a map (or simply use paint to make adjustments to the updated daily maps) that predicts the future state of World 46. Please add in explanations to your pictures.

    Basic rules to make it more enjoyable:
    1. Don't create an end-game type map (100% owned by a single tribe)
    2. Only take into account tribes that are currently alive
    3. Add some explanation to your map so that others can critique and/or make adjustments to better suit their thoughts on the future of world 46

    Just for some comparison here is the Map from when the two powerhouses were first formed, and after-wards a map as of today (November 8th, 2011)


  2. Sharkey95

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    Feb 6, 2011
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    I am extremely tired and can't be bothered So its an attempt. Sorry for its dodgyness but it gets a point

    I think TSL willl continue to make a large effort into Northern K's and i do think they will succeed unless twist make some changes
    Whilst though, i do think that Twist! have the upper hand in the south. I have marked them down as a less of an increase here as i am unsure, we will see if they can take advantage as the less talent in ex-tsb there is than core TSL

    Then you got the obvious ones to me, TSL start clearing K4, K12 bit by bit from 500
    And 500 clear up dawn in there areas
  3. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    If you'd add maybe like time-frame for when that might occur that would be great

    Depending on how far into the future that is, I don't think the north will advance quite as much. I noticed you said Twist! would regain ground in K45/K55 but in my opinion I think that is where TSL is making their biggest break-through at the moment. We have some great players relocating the the front-lines (cough cough ony just to mention one) and I think that they will continue to tear into Twist! at that location

    I think the south (or atleast from what I have seen in our tribal forums and through messages) of TSL is starting to really regain their strength. We obviously had to flush out some inactives but I think they are on the right path and even if they don't gain ground, they won't lose any.

    Thanks for putting forth your opinion though
  4. [spoil][​IMG][/spoil]

    I'd say given a year or so, TSL will have made some ground in the north, however have halted or close to have halted in the central area, Whilst Twist ops in the south will press ahead and take similar ground - possibly more ground given some of the differences in player calibre comparisons nth vs sth..... and basically have rotated the world about 45degrees? or so with the front line....

    Obviously as the front lines of TSL/Twist start to hit the core backline and more skilled players nobling will slow down and we will see just how well the tribes are able to effectively communicate and operate from an operational baseline to support the front lines.....
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  5. ampatriot

    ampatriot Guest

    Hmm.. interesting thought, but if you compare the first two maps in this thread, it seems that TSL has actually gained some ground in the south since the war started (k75)
    Now that the majority of the south is composed of active TSL players... I highly doubt that Twist will be pushing much farther in. The territory that Twist has gained is from inactives players such as slient, inaca, and gals. We have taken vils off of actives such as obs
  6. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    I'd also like to add that it's apparent that Twist! don't have the balls to noble ROTP and 500 :)
  7. ragephizit

    ragephizit Guest

    Nice paint job marshal:D
  8. LarryIV

    LarryIV Guest

    Sword you are looking at a different map then me I think. Also what happened to cdale and jhimbog? Jhimbog got creamed and went on a 500/internal nobling spree in k94 or 95 i think to save the account (working from memory)...i suspect someone with more skill is in the account now though.

    @rage...your bud dmoron requested no flaming...
  9. ragephizit

    ragephizit Guest

    Flame? No, spam yes, wasn't a flame. I woke up to that and for once I read something on here that made me chucke.

    I'm sorry larry but what ground have you really gained? Jim was already in your territory. So the only villages are really from inca and gals. And sword even though they were inactive they are still gains. I can't compare now but from what I remember it isn't that much ground that twist have really taken from tsl in the south.
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  10. smintie

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    muahaha - money flies up in a twister :icon_smile:
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  11. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    I personally get my PP for free :) I'm sure others do as well :p
  12. smintie

    smintie Guest

    does that mean no money is spent? :)
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  13. margarine

    margarine Guest

    Epic map Smintie, prob the only one thats 100% accurate :)
  14. opteron180

    opteron180 Guest

    Lol smintie, this is your first clever post =).Congrats :p
  15. smintie

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    When would it be my turn to congratulate you opty? :p
  16. u6s5l.

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    Just a reminder, please spoiler your images when they are over the 640x480 pixels size using the [noparse][spoil][/spoil][/noparse] tags :).
  17. opteron180

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    I was sure that you gonna say that =)
  18. serg4u

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    I thought this joint was going to be:
    If we have the balls to take on TSL, why wouldn't we have them to take on something smaller. But what for? They aren't bothering us, or at least not me. How can you Dmoron start a thread, post the rules and be the first to break them?
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  19. serg4u

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    No, you took it man.When you decided to give it a small curve, I just decided to have some fun....... And come on now this was already ridiculous to begin with. Don't you think? Can you do that? THINK?
  20. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    *Sigh* Typical Twist! member

    Someone else submit a map :)