The Golden Awards!!!


Best Player: -
Worst player: Lots
Most promising player for the future: UND3RRAT3D, The Love Machine
Best tribe: -
Worst tribe: -
Most promising tribe for the future: CHICK3N, Party!, Yawn!
Best leader: Dukeh
Worst leader: Wolfen-Knight
Favorite leader: Dukeh
Favorite PnP poster: A humble player
Least favorite PnP poster: Ngunghuong
Most overrated tribe: Some of the premades
Most underrated tribe: Angry!
Prettiest Avvy player: MayoVsChicken
Prettiest Avvy Tribe: Party!
Biggest mistake: -


Best Player: Und3rrat3d has had a great start

Worst player: Me, like seriously I'm shocked I haven't been nobled yet :icon_confused: I have no troops except for my Pally and hes useless, really his name is useless.

Most promising player for the future: Southern Comfort, The Love Machine and Newbie Bob

Best tribe: At the moment Chik3n

Worst tribe: Only considering ones that are a decent size and from personal experience Boss F. and ~BOFM~

Most promising tribe for the future: Chicken and Bye? look very promising although I expect Party! to do very well now that they've recruited the best of the Boss/Fang/N*W*O alliance

Best leader: Whoever's in charge of Chik3n *thumbs up*

Worst leader: Duke of ~BOFM~, he makes me lol when he tries to recruit me

Favorite leader: Duke of ~BOFM~

Favorite PnP poster: King Matt II

Least favorite PnP poster: Ngunghuong, this guy is the definition of tool.....

Most overrated tribe: Its hard not to say IKEA here, even if they had done well they would have still been overrated. For first 2-3 weeks of the world, it was impossible to go through a thread, or even a single page of a thread were someone wasn't stroking their egos. Thats not saying its their fault just all the people who flooded the forum in the first few weeks saying how great they were and now have just vanished, nobled me thinks? :lol:

Most underrated tribe: At the moment Act1, silently nobling and seems like very few people have noticed or care

Prettiest Avvy player:

Prettiest Avvy Tribe: Bug!

Biggest mistake: Whatever happened to Day Time :icon_confused: